The Boys Season 1 Makes A Major Comic Death Even More Disgusting

Fans were afraid that Amazon would dilute the mature humor of The Boys, but one moment from the comics is even more disgusting on screen. Prior to release, many felt that Amazon's live-action version of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys would probably be toned down to some extent, but these fears were proved largely unwarranted when the series finally premiered. While The Boys certainly strayed from the comic books in places, all of the memorable gross-out moments were present, and the adaptation also didn't shy away from the adult themes central to the original story.

One comic sequence that was altered considerably for TV was Hughie's first kill. In both versions of The Boys, the first time Hughie kills a superhero is a landmark event. The (literal) blood on his hands forces Hughie to question whether following Butcher on this new adventure is really a wise decision, and whether he's even suited for the challenges ahead. This first taste of murder for Wee Hughie haunts the character for a large chunk of his comic story, and the same moment was given equal significance on TV, albeit in a completely different scenario.

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In Amazon's The Boys, Hughie's first supe kill is Translucent, the misleadingly-titled member of the Seven with skin that is both impenetrable and invisible. After Translucent clocks on to Hughie and Butcher's surveillance, the duo fight and seemingly kill the superhero. When it transpires Translucent is still alive, they're forced to recruit Frenchie to find a way to finish off their prisoner, or else risk retribution from Homelander all of the Seven. Finding it impossible to penetrate Translucent's skin, Frenchie pops some plastic explosive into the man's anus, correctly reasoning that his insides won't be as tough as his exterior. Later on, Translucent manages to escape his cell and Hughie is forced to detonate the anal charge, reigning a shower of blood and innards all over himself.

Jack Quaid as Hughie in The Boys

This moment is far grislier than its comic book equivalent. In Ennis and Robertson's original version of The Boys, Hughie's cherry-breaking kill comes during his first big superhero showdown, with Butcher's gang taking on the Teenage Kix outfit. In order to compete on an even footing with the supes, the Boys take a steroid that greatly enhances their strength. Still not used to the drug's effects, Hughie accidentally punches a hero called Blarney Cock straight through the chest, much to his own horror. Although Translucent and Cock are quite different characters, their function and placement in the story is the same - teaching Hughie a harsh lesson about his new vocation.

While a fist straight through the chest is certainly an unpleasant way to bow out, it pales in comparison to having explosives stuffed inside your anal passage and then detonated, causing an implosion from the inside out. Punching through an enemy is also a fairly common occurrence in superhero fare, and doesn't pack the same levels of disgust and horror as the method used to off Translucent.

The deviation is significant as it signals a conscious attempt by Eric Krikpe (The Boys' showrunner) and his team to not just meet the levels of gore and violence practiced in the comics but, in some places, exceed them. This is quite unusual for a TV show, as fans are generally content as long as the tone of the comics is honored. By going above and beyond the necessary level of disgust and creative depravity for the live-action version of The Boys, Kripke and Amazon are sending a very strong message that they have no intention of watering the story down.

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The Boys season 2 is currently without a release date. More news as it arrives.

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