The Boys Season 2: Major Comic Characters To Expect

The Boys are returning to Amazon Prime for season 2 but which characters from the comics, other than the confirmed Stormfront, could be introduced?

Legend Love Sausage and Drummer Boy in The Boys

Which comic book characters could be introduced in The Boys season 2? Amazon's adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic book proved to be a huge success in its first season, offering a more satirical and subversive take on the superhero genre, and was immediately green-lit for a second outing. The Boys pits Karl Urban's band of supe-busting experts and their new recruit, the meek and mild Hughie, against the might of an international corporation and their elite crop of genetically-engineered superhuman assets led by the dastardly Homelander.

While many features of The Boys season 2 remain under wraps for now, the addition of Aya Cash as Stormfront has been confirmed via official images that surfaced earlier this month. In the comics, Stormfront is a relic of Nazi Germany whose power rivals that of Homelander, but the Amazon adaptation will, understandably, tone down the Nazi connotations in favor of a more modern, gender-flipped reinterpretation that is no less morally deplorable.

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Aside from Stormfront joining the Seven, however, there are certain to be more fresh faces from the original The Boys comic series in season 2. But which ones would fit neatly with the tone of the live-action series and could be inserted into the story at its current point?

The Legend

The Legend in The Boys

Perhaps the most likely currently unconfirmed character that could appear in The Boys season 2 is an associate of Butcher's nicknamed the Legend. An old man with a detailed knowledge of superhero history and lore, the Legend owns a comic book store, collecting the official, published versions of superhero exploits. As a side business, the Legend also possesses extensive files that reveal any given supe's origins and vulnerabilities, and the old-timer holds almost as much of a grudge against the caped contingent as Butcher does.

Acting as Butcher's primary source of information and sending him on various jobs, the Legend will prove even more valuable to the Boys on TV than in the comics after Butcher lost his government backing from Rayner and the CIA in the first season, leaving his group out in the cold and lacking resources. By paying a visit to the Legend, Butcher could gain a powerful new ally in The Boys season 2.


Terror In The Boys

Many fans of The Boys were disappointed when Butcher's dog Terror failed to properly appear in the first season, with only passing references made to this lovable, randy pet. In the comics, Terror is a constant companion to Butcher and the duo's reliance on each other leads to several huge moments, mostly due to the leader of the Boys' willingness to protect his faithful canine pal at any cost. The Boys' showrunner, Eric Kripke, claims that Terror wasn't included in season 1 because of the inherent difficulties that come as a result of working with animals. Responding to fan opinion, however, The Boys season 2 is confirmed to feature one episode in which Butcher reunites with Terror and embarks on a solo mission with the bulldog. If filming goes smoothly, perhaps Terror will become a more regular feature.

Tek Knight

Tek Knight in The Boys

A hilarious send-up of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, Tek Knight is a rich businessman who dons a high-tech suit to fight crime, but is hampered by a crippling sex addiction that forces him to attempt intercourse with virtually anything he can lay his hands on. Tek Knight is a major character in the second volume of The Boys' comic series and debuts in the very first scene. Although the Amazon adaptation doesn't adapt the source material entirely in sequence, Tek Knight seems a high probability for season 2.

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This is largely because The Boys has already confirmed Tek Knight exists within its live-action universe. In season 1's "The Innocents," a collateral damage therapy attendee claims the hero paralyzed her during a rescue attempt and, in the same episode, the Deep boasts about making Tek-Knight's Batmobile equivalent more eco-friendly while filming an infomercial.

Drummer Boy

Erin Moriarty as Annie January Starlight and Drummer Boys in The Boys

The romance between Hughie and Starlight develops gradually over the course of the comic books, but Amazon's The Boys accelerates the storyline considerably, and the pair get together, break up and reunite over the course of 8 episodes. This doesn't leave much story to adapt in season 2, but The Boys has already hinted at a potential complication this blossoming young relationship could soon face.

In the original comics, Starlight still has a boyfriend when joining the Seven, Drummer Boy from her old superhero team. Disillusioned with her new life, she goes back home to find him cheating with another girl. Starlight may be separated from Drummer Boy in the Amazon series, but she did mention him by name during the Christian festival Q&A session. If Drummer Boy were to be introduced in The Boys season 2, it could certainly complicate matters between Hughie and Starlight and provide a new angle to a story that has more or less exhausted its comic material.

Teenage Kix

Teenage Kix in The Boys

One of the biggest differences between the TV and comic variants of The Boys is that the live-action series didn't feature much in the way of physical clashes between the Boys and their superhero enemies, whereas the comics are full of fights between Butcher's gang and a variety of unfortunate superheroes. This is primarily because the protagonists use Compound V as a steroid in the comics, putting them on an even footing with their super-powered opponents in battle.

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Since The Boys season 1 introduced and gathered the core team, it's likely that season 2 will venture more down the path of direct confrontation, with the Boys systematically taking down some troublesome supes. If the TV series follows the comics, their first victims will be the Teenage Kix group. Deemed a relatively easy target by Butcher, Teenage Kix are a low-level team who live a hedonistic lifestyle thanks to their superhero status, but they're virtually wiped out thanks to an assault from the Boys. Once again, the Kix have already been mentioned on Amazon's The Boys, since the deceased Popclaw and the Seven's A-Train were once members of the group.

Love Sausage

The TV adaptation of The Boys plays up the corporate element of vigilantism to a far greater degree than the comics, so it makes sense that season 2 could see the addition of a notoriously anti-capitalist superhero. A Russian bar owner and former supe, Love Sausage (not his real name) is one of the few super-powered individuals Butcher trusts, and Sausage is relied upon to aid the Boys in battle against the likes of Stormfront, whose confirmation for season 2 makes the Russian's appearance even more likely. With super strength and increased durability, Sausage is notoriously non-PC when it comes to women and, with a little updating, would be a natural addition in a series that has already addressed the #MeToo era and sexual assault.

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The Boys season 2 is currently without a release date. More news as it arrives.

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