SR Pick [Video]: 'Predators' For Him & 'Eat, Pray, Love' For Her

eat pray love predators scott and dave

Those of us in relationships know all about the expansive battlefield upon which the opinions of men and women often go to war. Thank god that merciful cease-fire called "compromise" exists to keep us all sane.

However, when it comes to choosing what movie a couple should see  on a given night, sometimes there just isn't enough diplomacy in the world to head off a boyfriend vs. girlfriend skirmish.

This is especially true when the movies in question are totally in opposition  in terms of their appeal to the respective sexes. Sure, every guy wants to see some good alien vs. badass no-holds-barred action (with a healthy splash of gore), but it's usually the ladies who are intrigued by a synopsis like: "While trying to get pregnant, a happily married woman realizes her life needs to go in a different direction, and after a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey."

Well, a couple of up-and-coming young actors have launched an online series of skits that deal with the often-tricky conflicts that come with relationships. The videos are insightful satire of all-too-real relationship situations, with a pinch of straight-faced dry humor added just for flavor.

The latest entry features "The Boyfriend" and "The Girlfriend" trying to decide on which movie to go see: the alien  action slaughterfest Predators, or the chick-flick/self-empowerment story, Eat, Pray, Love. The video comes our way courtesy of actor David Rynn and - get this - our very own ex-Screen Ranter, Scott Miller!

*Sniffle* We love it when our babies finally spread their wings and fly!


So okay, your knee-jerk reaction might be to say that the video would've been more topical had the boyfriend and girlfriend been arguing about Eat, Pray, Love vs. The Expendables - but you'd be dead wrong, because according to Fandango Polls, a sizeable portion of The Expendables' opening weekend audience were women! Guess the girls wanted to see those badass tough boys in action just as much as we dudes did? Does that make any other guy suddenly feel uncomfortable about their manhood?

But I digress. The real truth that this video exposes is that men can be led anywhere by the promise of free food - even into the dark recesses of a Julia Roberts movie. Sad but true.

Let us know if you enjoyed the video. If you want to check out more satire skits about the relationship experience, head over to

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