15They're All Lovely With The Lights Off

As Cory and Topanga are planning their wedding in "Can I Help To Cheer You", Topanga convinces Cory, Shawn, and Angela to attend a stranger's wedding to get ideas for her own. As much as they try to fly under the radar, Cory attracts the attention of the father of

the bride, Stan, who offers Cory a million dollars to marry his daughter so she will not marry her intended husband.

Cory tells Stan that he's there with his lovely fiancée Topanga. Pointing her out in the crowd, he adds, "Isn't she lovely?" to which Stan responds, "They're all lovely with the lights off." Cory frankly replies, "I wouldn't know, sir." After that, Stan immediately decides that Cory is the right man to marry his daughter, since apparently that was the deal-maker.

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