15 Inappropriate Jokes You Totally Missed In Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World captivated the hearts of nearly every '90s kid who watched it growing up. Many fans grew up alongside Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric, and the characters' journeys are now a nostalgic memory of youth.

However, Boy Meets World rarely shied away from a subject, especially in the main characters' often confusing romantic exploits, and many of the less kid-friendly jokes flew over the heads of the young audience at the time. Boy Meets World's open discussions even landed the show in hot water with censors on certain occasions.

The show joked about everything from college experimentation to unexpected pregnancy, but viewers may have missed these references when they watched the show at a certain age. Upon rewatching, many episodes are peppered with inappropriate jokes that only adults and especially knowledgeable children would pick up on.

These only became more frequent as both the gang and the audience grew older. The characters dealt with more adult issues, while the plotlines (and Eric) grew increasingly more ridiculous. It's enough to make a childhood fan want to rewatch the whole series for what they may have missed.

Here are the 15 Inappropriate Joke You Totally Missed In Boy Meets World.

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15 They're All Lovely With The Lights Off

As Cory and Topanga are planning their wedding in "Can I Help To Cheer You", Topanga convinces Cory, Shawn, and Angela to attend a stranger's wedding to get ideas for her own. As much as they try to fly under the radar, Cory attracts the attention of the father of the bride, Stan, who offers Cory a million dollars to marry his daughter so she will not marry her intended husband.

Cory tells Stan that he's there with his lovely fiancée Topanga. Pointing her out in the crowd, he adds, "Isn't she lovely?" to which Stan responds, "They're all lovely with the lights off." Cory frankly replies, "I wouldn't know, sir." After that, Stan immediately decides that Cory is the right man to marry his daughter, since apparently that was the deal-maker.

14 College Experimentation

When Eric and Jack find themselves in trouble with fellow student Crazy Luther in "What a Drag", they decide that the only way to avoid his vengeance without missing midterms is to dress as women.

Eric decides he will be a French girl named Chantal DuBois and Jack will be former drug addict Lala Nelson. The plan works better than they intend, and Crazy Luther asks out Jack's female alter ego. Luther says he will take her places she's never been before, and Jack/Lala responds, "I bet you've never been there before, either."

After they have smoothed over the situation with Luther, they can go back to dressing as men, but Eric doesn't want to. The next day, he enters the Union still dressed as Chantal and speaking in her feminine French voice, telling Jack and Shawn, "It's so satisfying and rewarding to be in touch with one's feminine side."

An attractive girl walks by, and Eric continues, "Now I'm going to get in touch with her feminine side." He calls after the girl, telling her they can be best friends and "everyone experiments in college."

13 Double D's

In "What a Drag", while Eric and Jack are living as women among their fellow students, neither of them look very convincing as women, though Jack does look more the part. Nonetheless, they manage to fool Luther and everyone else. Or everyone except Mr. Feeny, at least, who sees right through their disguises and wants to talk to Eric. Eric tries to get Feeny to leave them alone, saying, "It's a very long story, you would not figure it out."

Feeny tells Eric, "What's to figure? He's pretty and you look like a bison." Feeny notices Eric's fake breasts and adds, "Double D's, just like your grades." Eric finds his comment rather upsetting and spends the rest of the episode coming to terms with his inner beauty as a woman.

12 First Time For Everything

TGIF Quiz - Boy Meets World

In the episode "The Eskimo", Mr. Feeny is upset that Shawn is not putting any effort into his work, though Cory, Shawn, and Topanga believe that Feeny doesn't have anything left to teach them.

Feeny assigns Shawn an impossible task to get Superbowl tickets or he will fail. Bothered by Topanga's interference on Shawn's behalf, Mr. Feeny assigns Topanga the task of staying out of everyone's lives for one week, or she will get an F.

Topanga replies, "But I've never failed before!" Feeny tells her, "There's a first time for everything," to which Cory adds, "That argument doesn't get you anywhere with her." Cory subtly implies that he's used that argument elsewhere, still trying to push his relationship with Topanga. Nonetheless, Topanga completes her task and manages to delay both "first times."

11 Alan Gets Grounded

In the first season episode "Father Knows Less", Cory is disappointed about his father Alan having to cancel plans together to deal with an incident at work. Later, Alan tries to make it up to Cory by waking him up late at night to watch a no-hitter baseball game. Unfortunately, Cory has a test the next morning in Mr. Feeny's class and falls asleep. Cory's mother Amy finds out that Cory fails his test, and Alan has to admit the reason.

Alan assures Amy that he will get Cory a make-up test to fix the situation, and Amy responds that until he fixes it, he's grounded. Cory asks, "Does that really work? Can she ground you?"

Alan tells him, "In certain ways, yes." Mr. Feeny refuses to give Cory a make-up test, but he and Alan eventually see each other's perspectives on the issue, which may have finally gotten Alan out of the doghouse.

10 Eric's Situations

In "She's Having My Baby Back Ribs", Topanga decides that she needs to go on a diet, and she and Eric decide to try to lose weight together, but Eric tells her they have to keep it a secret. Her behavior, however, leads Cory and Shawn to speculate that Topanga is pregnant, which he believes is confirmed when he watches Eric pat Topanga's stomach and say everything will be back to normal in a few months.

Cory comes to Eric to talk about the situation, wondering why she confided in Eric and not him, but Eric believes that Cory is talking about Topanga's weight. Eric explains, "People like us have similar appetites. That's how we get into situations like this."

Cory, shocked by the response, asks, "Have you been in this situation before?" Eric says, "On and off since high school." With Cory's prompting, Eric adds that their parents know and their dad thinks it's funny. For most of the episode it seems that Cory goes on thinking that Eric has been in multiple situations of unexpected pregnancies.

9 Cory As A Stalker

Over the course of the series, Cory and Topanga's on-again/off-again romance hit several snags from Cory's kiss with Lauren, to Cory wanting to move too quickly, to Cory briefly believing he is a werewolf.

Although not all of the relationship issues are of Cory's doing, he certainly caused quite a few of them. The episode "Shallow Boy" was no different, as Cory crashes Topanga's babysitting job after she cancels their date. Topanga gets frustrated over Cory refusing to enforce boundaries with the babysitting charge, which she believes reflects badly on his ability to parent a future child.

Cory later reflects on his need to figure out how to raise children, explaining, "Someday, Topanga's going to be a mother, and I'm going to be the father. Or the uncle. Or, the way I'm going, the guy down the street with the binoculars."

Cory seems to be planning a possible backup plan of being Topanga's creepy neighborhood stalker. Apparently, he is also considering the possibility that Topanga could have a kid with Eric instead.

8 Shawn's Underpants

When Cory and Topanga are picked as the freshman couple to represent Pennbrook for a commercial, Cory quickly realizes that he cannot act and suggests that Shawn take his place and pretend to be a couple with Topanga for the advertisement.

This idea quickly takes a turn that Cory doesn't like when the director wants Shawn and Topanga to kiss in one scene. Cory thinks that they look a little too good together during the kiss, even though Shawn and Topanga insist it doesn't mean anything.

Cory locks Shawn out of their dorm following this incident, so Shawn has to sleep on the couch in the Student Union. Topanga finds Shawn and joins him under his blanket on the couch as they talk over what to do about Cory. Cory comes in, and is distressed to find them sharing a blanket.

Topanga tries to tell him there was nothing going on, but Cory accusingly rips the blanket away, showing Shawn in only underpants. Although Shawn tries to explain that he always sleeps that way, Cory seems to believe Topanga and Shawn were up to something together in the Union, leading Cory to demand they go on a date to explore their feelings.

7 Going Too Far

Danielle Fishel as Topanga in Boy Meets World

When Cory and Topanga's relationship started to pick up in "What I Meant to Say", Cory tells Topanga that he loves her. Shawn and Eric are dismayed, thinking Cory has ruined dating at the high school since now every girl will want to hear it. Later, Topanga breaks up with Cory. Cory goes home and relates what happened to his mother, and Amy is distressed for a different reason.

Cory explains, "See, last night I was out with Topanga. We were having a really nice time so I figured, 'Why not go for it?'" He adds, "I went too far with Topanga" because "she looked so pretty, Mom, and there we were, all alone in the back room at Chubbie's." Amy is so shocked that she accidentally shatters the cup she's holding, and Cory realizes what he's said and tells Amy that that's not what happened.

6 French Kiss

Cory and Topanga - Best TV Weddings

The first season episode "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" snuck in more than one inappropriate joke. After the misunderstandings around Topanga's crush on Eric are resolved, Minkus is helping Cory and Shawn with studying for their French test. Cory and Shawn are frustrated by the language, and Shawn asks, "Why can't these French guys just speak English like normal people?"

Eric enters and adds that he doesn't care about learning how the French talk, but he likes how they kiss. Minkus wonders what he means because he did know the French kiss differently, and Eric explains, "The tongue is not silent." Although it took some viewers a few more years to realize what Eric meant, Cory, Shawn, and Minkus are apparently old enough to be disgusted by the idea.

5 Eric's Spying

Will Friedle as Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World

When Cory and Topanga are planning their wedding in "They're Killing Us", they run into every problem from horrible bridesmaid dresses to Eric accidentally setting fire to Cory's dorm.

After the dorm fire confirms Cory's worries about Eric carrying out best man duties, Cory decides that Shawn should be his best man. Amy and Alan take issue with Cory choosing Shawn over his brother, however, and Cory temporarily agrees that Eric can be the best man -- or at least until Eric accidentally sets fire to Alan and Amy's house, as well, and Shawn is back in as the best man.

Eric decides to show them all. If he can't be the best man, he will be the groom. He declares his love for Topanga, saying, "I've always loved you, ever since I saw you through that peephole in the bathroom."

He ends his over-the-top declaration by proposing to Topanga. Topanga angrily tackles Eric with Cory's approval, which is unsurprising given that he revealed that he was spying on Topanga through a peephole.

4 An Unexpected Surprise

In the episode "Dangerous Secret", Cory believes that Shawn is sleeping with a girl while he and Topanga have yet to do the same. Shawn is unwilling to discuss the subject, but swears Cory to secrecy. Cory tries to move things forward with Topanga, but she gets angry at his attempts to speed up their relationship. With no one else to talk to, Cory seeks advice from Eric, but is a little shocked by the answer.

Cory says, "You never even told me about your first time," to which Eric replies, "Remember Mitchell Davis?" Corey then says: "There’s an unexpected surprise. Why don’t you tell me about your second time?"

Eric goes on to relate a story of his childhood friend who was always competing with him. Mitchell got into a bicycle accident by attempting to ride without training wheels before he was ready in order to one-up Eric, which is why Mitchell repeated the 6th grade eleven times.

Eric uses this story to illustrate his point:  "Sex is like a bike without training wheels: you do it before you're ready, you fall and break your head." In all of this discussion, Cory's surprise at the thought of Eric in a relationship with Mitchell almost slips by unnoticed.

3 Topanga's Crush

In the first season episode "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not", Cory and Topanga encounter some early confusion about their relationship. Cory believes Topanga likes him after she stops by his house with brownies and offers to do his sister's hair. However, Cory soon realizes that Topanga actually has a crush on Eric, and he tells Eric to dump Topanga. Eric finally agrees to try to let her down easy.

Topanga explains to Eric that Cory is nice in a "young kind of way" and she has a very old soul, and Eric tells her that not a lot of guys will be after her soul. Topanga continues, saying that she noticed Eric because his aura was glowing.

Eric responds that his aura is too old for her to be looking at. Given the usual association with a guy's "glow" and Topanga's allusions to Eric being older and more mature, Eric seems to think Topanga is after him because he is more experienced with women.

2 Shawn's Dream

Shawn Hunter and Jonathan Turner in Boy Meets World

Cory, Eric, and Shawn go off to visit the infamous party school Beach State in "Learning to Fly", but Topanga has to stay behind since her aunt would not let her spend the night somewhere with Cory unsupervised. The boys end up secretly staying in a sorority house with Eric's friend Julie. When they arrive, Shawn says he has had this dream a million times and it's coming true. He even knows what the rest of them will say.

Julie's roommate Mary Beth comes back unexpectedly after breaking up with her quarterback boyfriend and wants to kick them out. Shawn immediately likes Mary Beth, though she has no interest in him. Shawn tells Cory that she just broke up with the quarterback. Mary Beth asks how he knows that, and Shawn responds, "I dreamed it, Ms. Birthmark-on-her-tuchus."

Later, when Mary Beth is throwing her boyfriend's things out the window, Shawn explains that, in his dream, this is the part where she traps the first man she sees in her web of vengeful sexuality. She turns around and sees Shawn and tells him to get out. Judging by his foreknowledge of Mary Beth, this situation went differently in Shawn's dreams.

1 Virgins Are Safe

In one of the more interesting episodes of the series, "And Then There Was Shawn", the gang find themselves trapped in a horror movie, as they are locked in the school and a mysterious killer picks them off one by one.

The doors are locked, there's blood coming out of the showers, and Kenny the expendable character is almost immediately killed. Shawn guides them through this experience with his expert knowledge of horror movie logic.

When Angela asks if anyone is safe, Shawn explains that virgins never die in horror films. Cory thanks Topanga for saving him, and Eric and Jack declare, "I'm dead." Shawn adds, "I'll get as sick as you can get without actually dying."

Angela asks about Mr. Feeny, who has just been killed by the mysterious murderer, and Eric, Jack, and Shawn take time for a small postmortem celebration for Feeny's apparent success.


Do you remember any of these jokes? Are there any other inappropriate Boy Meets World jokes that you can think of? Let us know in the comments!

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