'Boys Meets World' Sequel Series in the Works; Cory & Topanga to Return

Disney is working on a 'Boy Meets World' sequel series focusing on the daughter of Cory and Topanga - who would return (with the same actors).

Boy Meets World

UPDATE: ‘Boy Meets World’ Sequel Details: Cory is New Feeny, Has 2 Kids

One of television's most beloved series from the 90s, Boy Meets World, may soon be returning to TV, in a sequel series focusing on Cory and Topanga's daughter. Now this is the part you care most about: Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are in talks to reprise their roles as the still-married couple.

According to TV Line, The Disney Channel is currently in the early stages of developing the sequel series, appropriately titled Girl Meets World, and has reached out to Savage and Fishel to secure their participation in the project. This certainly is mind-blowing news for anyone who grew up during that time. But can it work? Absolutely.

Next to Dallas, Boy Meets World may be the most memorable series being sequelized to date. However, they were not the first. Back in 2001, the iconic, cult Canadian teen drama franchise Degrassi returned to the television screen with Degrassi: The Next Generation – which itself was the fourth sequel of the series, following The Kids of Degrassi, Degrassi Junior and Degrassi High.

Degrassi: The Next Generation followed Emma, the daughter of one of the original Degrassi characters, Spike, as she made her way through middle school, then high school. During its early season, past characters (played by the same actors) from the former series would show up, and were often given storylines of their own. Degrassi: The Next Generation had just as many adults watching the show as they had teenagers. Essentially, Girl Meets World is doing the exact same thing.

And why wouldn't they, really? Boy Meets World was one of the iconic television shows from the 90s. Much like The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World allowed an entire generation to watch someone their own age tackle the challenges of growing up. Even though it rarely – if ever – touched on serious subjects, which Degrassi and The Wonder Years both did (Degrassi more so), that same emotional attachment is still there.

If anything, it'll be interesting to see Girl Meets World come together. Because the cast of Boy Meet World spent so much time together, most of them are still all relatively close. So if Cory and Topanga are coming back, there's a good chance we might be seeing Uncle Eric (Will Friedle), Uncle Shawn (Rider Strong) – Feeny (William Daniels)! Why not try to get as much of the cast back as possible?

While Girl Meets World is meant to focus on Cory and Topanga's daughter, there's more than enough ways to fold in the old cast, making it entertaining to generations young and old. And if they're able to tell compelling stories, that's even better. If Degrassi can do it, so can Boy Meets World.

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You can enjoy some of the best moments of Boy Meets World below:


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Source: TV Line

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