Entire 'Boy Meets World' Cast Offered Sequel Roles

Ever since word first dropped that Girl Meets World, a sequel to Boy Meets World, was in development, fans of the ABC series have been wondering who from the cast will be making an appearance. According to series creator Michael Jacobs, the entire original cast has been offered roles in the new show.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about the highly-anticipated sequel, Jacobs, who co-created the original series, revealed that he had, following the initial announcement of Girl Meets World, spoke to the Boy Meets World cast about what their roles could be in the new show.

Here's what Jacob's had to say:

[At the time] it was an idea that Gary Marsh, Adam Bonnett, Corey Marsh and the Disney Channel people called me up asking if I would be interested in doing this. It just got an official green light for pilot. I didn’t want to talk to everybody about something that was only a discussion. Then the world reacted and I got a bajillionphone calls. Rider [Strong] and Will Friedle and all of the cast said, “What is this? We thought we were done!” We sat down with them and talked about what their roles on the show might be. Whoever wants to be part of this show will be and whoever wants to move on will. The most important thing is to see what the show is and then see what their part in it will be. Will Friedle said, “I will be at every taping.” Everybody is quite attached to it. The bottom line is: Will Rider or Will be a cast member? Will they put in appearances? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.

For fans of the original series, hearing that the entire cast has been approached for the sequel certainly speaks to Jacob's earnest intentions of truly continuing the story he started almost a decade ago. Of course, who exactly was included in the "entire cast" conversation and who will be joining the show is still up in the air. Even so, it's likely that Strong will return as Shawn Hunter. Will Friedle's involvement, however, has always been the big question – and still is.

Friedle, who purposefully removed himself from any on-camera work, choosing, instead, to focus on his voice work, will ultimately have to decide whether or not he's ready to step back in the role of Eric Matthews, Corey's lovably hilarious brother. That being said, if there was anything that will get Friedle to return to on-camera acting, it's definitely Girl Meets World.

As Girl Meets World continues its development, more news about who actually will be returning will be released, and fans will either be happy or sad. Until then, fans of the original series can rest easy knowing that Disney Channel is, surprisingly, doing their part to make sure that fans old and new will receive the best possible sequel. And, if by chance, Friedle doesn't make an early appearance on the series, the fact that he'll be at every taping means that they should be able to coax him back for at least one well deserved "FEEEENY."

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Girl Meets World will air in 2013 on the Disney Channel

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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