Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: September 26, 2010

This week:

The box office never sleeps as Wall Street 2 makes bank; Emma Stone might be moving to Jump Street; Del Toro talks casting At the Mountains of Madness; J.J. Abrams gets sent to Alcatraz; Charlize Theron has Two Staring Eyes; Anthony Peckham helps Chris Pine know Jack; X marks the spot for James McAvoy; Chloe Moretz is Strange and lots more.Box Office

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (read our review) captured the top spot at the box office and banked $19 million worth of coin over the weekend. Michael Douglas stars with Oliver Stone directing the fiscal film which has an impressive supporting cast including Shia LaBeouf and Josh Brolin.

wall street 2 debuts at number one

Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (read our review) should fly into second with a weekend take of $16.1 million. Meanwhile, The Town fell to third place after scoring another $15.6 million. The Ben Affleck film dropped about 30% from its debut last week, giving the heist flick a smidgen under $50 million.

Easy A upped its cume to $32 million after bringing in another $10.5 million and You Again starring Kristen Bell was fifth after grossing $8.4 million over the weekend.

Devil dropped the obligatory 50% for a horror film and scared up another $6.6 million. The M.Night Shyamalan produced film has a total that  stands at just under $22 million.

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D upped its gross to $53 million after scoring another $6 million and Alpha & Omega grossed a little under $5 million for a $15.2 million total.

Takers continues to impress. The delayed crime drama grossed $1.6 million over the three days for a $55 million total.

Inception rounded out the top ten after grossing more than $1 million dollars over the weekend. Christopher Nolan’s film has now grossed $287 million.

Movie News

1. Emma Stone seems to be getting ready to accept a lead role in Jonah Hill’s big screen adaptation of 21 Jump Street. The film is getting ready to shoot in early 2011 under the direction of Phil Lord.

Meanwhile Stone is also in the running for a part in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man reboot.

Source: Variety

2. The always busy, but far from prolific (as a director at least) Guillermo Del Toro has said that Ron Perlman will have a role in his adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness - if his schedule will permit it.

Del Toro said:

"All I can tell you is if Ron Perlman is free, he will be in. I wrote a part for him. He read it and if everything falls in place, Ron Perlman has a role in it written specifically for him.”

He went on to give a few details on the potential Perlman part:

"Ron plays Larson, the sort of dog guy, the guy that cares for the dogs and the sled — the part of the expedition that is dog sleds. It's a fantastic character. I really love him. He's sort of a pragmatic guy, doesn't care about science or the mythology or the cosmology. He just is a hard-boiled Nordic man, and it is written specifically for him."

Some guy named James Cameron will produce.

Source: MTV

3. According to Oliver Stone – Money Never Sleeps. It would appear that J.J. Abrams doesn’t sleep either. Fox has given the consistently busy writer/producer/director a green light for his new mystery drama Alcatraz.

According to Deadline it is “a show about mysteries, secrets and the most infamous prison of all time: Alcatraz."

Source: Deadline

4. Charlize Theron has bought the remake rights to Dutch horror Two Eyes Staring.

According to THR:

“Two Eyes Staring details the story of a nine-year-old girl who discovers her sinister friend is the ghost of her mother's dead twin.”

The Oscar winning actress is currently meeting with “A-list directors” to direct the fright flick.

Source: THR

5. Anthony Peckham knows Jack. Jack Ryan that is.

The Invictus, Sherlock Holmes and Book of Eli screenwriter has been hired by Paramount to work on the script for Ryan’s latest adventure which was last drafted by Adam Cozad.

Chris Pine is set to take over the role previously played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck.

Lost’s Jack Bender is attached to direct the film which has the tentative title Moscow for producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mace Neufeld.

Source: THR

6. James McAvoy recently discussed the challenge of stepping into Patrick Stewart's shoes as Professor Xavier in X-Men: First Class:

"I think the fun about these films, when you go back and you reboot or do a prequel, is you get to see how people became who they are. That means that you have to do them differently and by the end of the movie you have to do them the same way. The interesting journey is what happens to them, what changes them, what makes them evolve — not just mutate, but emotionally and psychologically evolve. I would suggest by the end of the movie and the start of the next movie, it'll be more like what Patrick does. Or maybe not. Maybe it will still be in a period of flux, if there is a new movie."

I’m just as interested in finding out when McAvoy will go bald.

Source: MTV

7. Chloe Moretz looks set to star in Emily The Strange for Universal Pictures.

moretz is strange

The film is based on the Dark Horse comic about an “odd but stylish young lady.”

The Kick-Ass actress will next be seen in Hugo Cabret, Let Me In and The Fields.

Source: Deadline


That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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