SR Pick [Video]: Bourne To Be Alive

Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner from the Bourne movie franchise

[Note: Since The Bourne Legacy is about to open in theaters, we're republishing our "Bourne To Be Alive" mash-up video. Enjoy!]

To coincide with the release of The Bourne Legacy, here is a fun little mashup of the best moments from the Bourne Series - set to the classic 1979 disco hit "Born to be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez. You’ll wish for Bourne-like amnesia when you can’t stop whistling this tune day in and day out after watching our video. :)

After its release date was pushed back a week to give The Dark Knight Rises room to breathe, The Bourne Legacy aims to revive the franchise that solidified Matt Damon as a bonafide movie star and racked up almost a billion dollars at the box office. This time out, Jeremy Renner takes the reins in a story that overlaps The Bourne Ultimatum, the last of the Damon/Bourne films. It’s a gutsy storytelling device that will either tie the new film to its popular predecessors - or simply remind audiences of the absence of the title character.

Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner from the Bourne movie franchise

Certainly Renner has more tough-guy cred than Damon did when he first took the role of Jason Bourne back in 2001, but the question remains: will audiences buy into a Bourne film which doesn't actually star Jason Bourne? And how will the series’ long history of behind the scenes turmoil (including a biting rebuke of writer and legacy director Tony Gilroy by Damon in GQ) affect its potential to become a long-running series in the tradition of that other spy, James what's-his-name? We’ll all find out on August 10th when The Bourne Legacy finally hits theaters.

Let us know what you think of our Bourne-disco combo in the comments below!

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The Bourne Legacy opens on August 10th.

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