Release Dates: 'Bourne Legacy', 'Alex Cross', 'Dead Man Down' & 'Scary Movie 5'

trailer for the bourne legacy starring jeremy renner

Universal has slightly pushed back the release of its fourth Bourne movie (the first without Matt Damon), The Bourne Legacy, while Summit has nudged forward its release date for Alex Cross.

Meanwhile, FilmDistrict has settled on an early April 2013 date for Dead Man Down, and Dimension will release Scary Movie 5 (the first without Anna Faris) shortly thereafter - a three-month delay from the horror movie parody's original date.

It appears that Universal has learned its lesson, after releasing Battleship too close to The Avengers. The studio has shifted Bourne Legacy's date back a week this summer to August 10th, in order to make room for Dark Knight Rises' run at the box office.

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Bourne Legacy stars Jeremy Renner, who's hot off the one-two punch of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and Avengers. The Legacy trailer has successfully established that this film is not a reboot; it takes place in the Bourne universe and ties directly into the events of its predecessors (in a cleaner fashion than the Alien spinoff, Prometheus). Test screenings for Legacy are said to have gone over well, in the aftermath of pickup shoots earlier this month.

Overall, Bourne Legacy appears to be in good shape. The film should benefit from not opening against the Total Recall remake - and making room for TDKR's reign.

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Madea creator Tyler Perry will make his screen debut as James Patterson's popular detective character in Alex Cross. The new Cross installment (technically, a reboot - don't tell anyone!) opens later this year on October 19th, rather than the 26th, and goes up against Paranormal Activity 4.

alex cross release date tyler perry

We're still waiting on a trailer to provide an early sense of whether the outside-the-box casting of Perry as Cross (over the original, fan-fave candidate, Idris Elba) was a brilliant maneuver - or unintended misstep.

In the meantime, our Alex Cross screenshot gallery provides a preliminary look at the film's various characters - with a schockingly-ripped Matthew Fox stealing the show, playing the killer Picasso (based on infamous Cross villain Michael Sullivan).


Dead Man Down has been scheduled for a U.S. theatrical release, beginning April 5th, 2013. The film reunites Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director Niels Arden Oplev and star Noomi Rapace - who co-headlines the movie with Colin Farrell.

colin farrell dead man down movie

Plot-wise, Dead Man Down is a neo-Noir thriller about a New York crime lord's confidant (Ferrell) who assists one of his boss' victims (Rapace) in her quest for vengeance (morality, seduction, and blackmail are all factors that affect Ferrell's decision).

The Dead Man Down cast is rounded out by Oscar-nominee Terrence Howard (Iron Man) and Dominic Cooper (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), with Oplev directing from a script penned by Fringe writer/co-showrunner J. H. Wyman. It certainly sounds like an intriguing combination of talents, no?


Scary Movie 5 (there's an audience for that... right?) has been delayed by over three months. It will now open two weeks after Dead Man Down, on April 19th of next year - and one week before Tom Cruise's Oblivion arrives.

Disney Channel alum Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical, Suite Life of Zack and Cody) will take over leading lady duties from Scary Movie stalwart Anna Faris in the fifth installment. Malcolm Lee (Undercover Brother) will likewise inherit helmer duties from Scary Movie 3 & 4 director David Zucker, who's still co-writing and producing the (theoretically) funny flick.

Maybe some fresh blood is exactly what the faltering Scary Movie franchise needs to be re-energized. Hey, it can't be any worse than Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's recent entries in the parody sub-genre (Vampires Suck, Meet the Spartans)... right? Right?

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