'Bourne 5' Gets a Screenwriter; Will Focus on Jeremy Renner's Character

Bourne 5 with Jeremy Renner gets a screenwriter

The Bourne Legacy - the fourth installment in the Bourne movie franchise - did not receive the same high marks from critics as its predecessors got (example: read our review). Nonetheless, the film was successful in two important regards: It set the stage for more conflict involving the government - after Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) helped to expose the illicit Treadstone and Black Briar programs in Bourne Ultimatum - and thus, left the door open for additional installments, revolving around the fugitive ex-black ops agent Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) and Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz).

During the months that preceded Bourne Legacy's theatrical premiere, the series' producer Frank Marshall teased the possibility that Damon and Renner's characters would share the screen together in Bourne 5. However, time and time again over the past year, Damon has politely suggested that it wouldn't make sense to bring Jason Bourne back at this juncture; likewise, the newest update on situation gels with the general sentiment in recent months - that Renner (and Weisz) will be leading the Bourne franchise hereon out.

Last we heard, Universal Chairman Adam Fogelson said his studio is "actively working" on Bourne 5; sure enough, a new scoop from Deadline confirms that a writer has been hired to put together a script for the project. The screenwriter in question is Anthony Peckham, who also penned the Clint Eastwood-directed Nelson Mandela flick Invictus and the first Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr. (Peckham also has experience working in the globe-trotting agent thriller genre, as he wrote an early script draft for the upcoming Jack Ryan franchise reboot.)

bourne legacy trailer rachel weisz jeremy renner

There's no word yet on whether Tony Gilroy - who wrote/directed Bourne Legacy and co-wrote the previous three Bourne movies - will be involved with Bourne 5, as Deadline is cautioning that "this is all early days" (read: the project is still in the early stages of development). Truth be told, there were derivative parts of Bourne Legacy that suggested it might be time for Gilroy to hand the series' reins over to someone else - in all fairness, though, nothing so weak that it was on par with, say, the lackluster Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (i.e. another fourth installment/spinoff in a popular franchise).

Still, Bourne 5 might be improved if Universal follows Disney's example with Pirates of the Caribbean 5 - bring in both a new writer and directorial talent - in order to give the franchise a boost and keep it fresh, entertaining and relevant.


Bourne 5 currently does not have an official release date, nor an estimated production start date. We here at Screen Rant will continue to keep you posted on the project's status in the future.

Source: Deadline

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