Bourne 5 Adds Nightcrawler Star Riz Ahmed

Bourne 5 adds Nightcrawler actor Riz Ahmed, who will appear as a CIA tech specialist in a key role for which he was sought after.

Riz Ahmed in Nightcrawler

Bourne 5  is well on its way to delivering a return to form from the Matt Damon-starring franchise. The film will reportedly focus on a post-Snowden world with returning director Paul Greengrass and co-writer Christopher Rouse attached to rejoin the series in attempt to reclaim the heights achieved during its initial trilogy run. Following the on the heels of the divisive The Bourne Legacy, Damon appears primed to steer the action-vehicle back on course, as seen in the very first photo from the set.

The new film has already attracted the likes of Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina), Vincent Cassel (Black Swan), and Tommy Lee Jones in supporting roles. Legacy star Jeremy Renner even has hopes of making a cross-over appearance with Damon following the release of the fifth sequel. With the cast and crew already brimming with new and returning talent, many of whom are well tested in their respective roles, the latest word has it that at least one more notable star will be along for the ride come the film's release in July 2016.

According to Variety, Riz Ahmed, the rising star of the forthcoming Star Wars: Rogue One and Nightcrawler fame, has been tapped to appear in Greengrass' latest production. Reportedly, Ahmed's role will be of one particular CIA tech specialist, and was the first choice for the role, though scheduling conflicts had to be surmounted first between the new Bourne film and the Star Wars title, before the young actor could officially agree to work on both films.

Riz Ahmed in Nightcrawler

Ahmed has displayed his acting chops in the past alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in last year's formerly mentioned and Oscar-nominated film, and should fit right in with Damon, Greengrass, and the rest of the crew on the making of what will be a blockbuster sequel. As long as the enthusiastically sought-after talent plays his cards right, he may very well become a go-to A-list performer, pending the box office returns of his two latest projects.

Greengrass, Rouse, and Damon should be able to deliver another Jason Bourne film to rival all four films prior, with an updated, cyber-political, hacker-friendly backdrop against which to play the film's titular super-agent. And with co-stars Vikander, Cassel, Jones, and Ahmed along for the ride, the franchise is well supported by the likes of some of Hollywood's brightest rising and established players.

Bourne 5 will see theatrical release in the U.S. on July 29th, 2016.

Source: Variety

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