Bourne 4 Is Going To Happen

In a bit of breaking news, it appears that money does in fact, talk.

Despite both director Paul Greengrass and Jason Bourne himself Matt Damon swearing up and down that The Bourne Ultimatum would in fact conclude the series, Bourne 4 is definitely moving forward.

I guess when your last installment is hailed as the best in the series (which is definitely saying something) and grosses $450 million (an all-time high for the franchise), you can't help but think of excuses to have Jason Bourne running around the globe yet again.

Universal has hired Ultimatum co-writer George Nolfi to pen the next outing of everyone's favorite amnesiac super-spy hero. It will be an original story not based on any of Robert Ludlum's novels.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but were any of the films faithful to the source material? I was under the impression they basically took the title of the books and maybe a few of the characters' names, and went wild.

At the moment, Greengrass and Damon are set to return.

Bourne 4 is aiming for a Summer 2010 release.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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