Bourne 4 May Be Coming Later Before Sooner

The last we heard about a fourth installment in the successful Bourne series, star Matt Damon, director, Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum), and producer Frank Marshall were in the stages of trying to get the story right and wanting the script to be as good as the first three before they move forward.

An aimed release date of summer 2011 was reported at one point, a script was supposed to surface this summer and there was even mention of a hoped production start date of next summer. However, info has just surfaced that may mean that Bourne 4 is still a while away.

Matt Damon recently spoke in a group interview about his new History Channel special called The People Speak where he gave an update on the status of the fourth Bourne movie. He doesn't say that the movie is not happening anymore, but doesn't exactly inspire confidence that it will be anytime soon:

"None us have kind of seen [a script] yet, and Paul's still cutting a movie that we worked on [Green Zone], so we'll get together and talk about it... I just saw [producer] Frank Marshall, and we were talking about it... Then I've talked to Paul Greengrass quite a bit about that."

George Nolfi was the one who was supposed to have written Bourne 4, but apparently his script - due this month - has yet to surface. What's interesting is Damon is starring in Nolfi's The Adjustment Bureau which is based on a Philip K. Dick short story and co-stars Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada).

Could it be that Bourne 4 is being given the time to develop properly with The Adjustment Bureau being pushed to be released first? Bureau currently has a production start date of September this year with an estimated release date of sometime in 2010.

No matter when Bourne 4 gets going, you can rest assured its main star won't do it unless it's quality stuff - "Oh yeah, we won't do it unless it's good... Promise."

Good to hear, Matt.

I'd like to think that any delays on Bourne 4 have to do with the fact they want to get the movie right, instead of there being some sort of behind-the-scenes trouble (there's no real indication of the latter, but it's always a worry). As I've said with regards to Batman 3, it's better for the fourth Bourne to take a long time and be quality, than to be rushed for the sake of it and ending up being disappointing.

With Greengrass currently editing Green Zone (which is due out next March), and Damon starring in The Adjustment Bureau for Universal (which is aimed for a release sometime next year), Bourne 4 may not be coming as soon as some might be hoping. I wouldn't even be surprised if we didn't see the movie start shooting until 2011. For now, a summer 2011 release date is still being hoped for - only time will tell if that ends up being the case.

What do you think?

Source: SciFiWire via ThePlaylist

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