Bosch Season 5 Trailer Sends Amazon’s Gritty Cop Undercover

Amazon’s reliably entertaining cop drama Bosch is back for season 5, and the new trailer sees its title character in all sorts of hot water. The series has been a winner for the streaming service for years now, at one time being the most-watched series on the platform. Since then, Bosch has turned into a solid police series that fans of both the series itself and the books written by Michale Connelly can return to again and again, even as it puts its main character and those around him through the wringer with each consecutive season. 

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The new trailer shows Bosch venturing into some different territory, as both the only parent to his teenage daughter and as a cop going undercover. Because this is a season of Bosch, there’s also someone out to sully the detective’s name, dredging up a decades old case and accusing him of murdering a serial killer. That part of the story is old hat for the character and audiences alike, but it also opens the door for Mimi Rogers to serve as the beleaguered detective’s legal counsel. Check out the trailer and a new poster below: 

As anthologies, limited series, and expensive event series gain traction on streaming services, Bosch feels admirably old fashioned, a throwback to when police procedurals were built to run for as long as their legs could carry them. Yet the series also feels born of more modern trends in television storytelling, making use of morally complex characters and a dense, serialized storyline that works just as well when pieced out over a few weeks or binged all at once. Throw in an edgy leading performance by Welliver and a supporting role from The Wire veteran Jamie Hector and you understand why the series can easily last for another five seasons after this. 

Whether it does or not is up to the powers that be at Amazon, but with a rumored near billion-dollar Lord of the Rings series coming, in addition to several other big-budget spectacles, it’s nice to see a smaller, more grounded series continue to be a hot ticket on the streaming service. 

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Bosch season 5 will stream beginning April 19 on Amazon Prime Video.

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