Bosch Season 3: Story Recap & Ending Explained

Titus Welliver in Bosch Season 4

Bosch season 3 was the most intense year of Amazon's detective series to date - lets breakdown the key events of the season. Bosch is based on the novel series by Michael Connolly (The Lincoln Lawyer) and revolves around the titular hard-boiled cop. Harry Bosch is a homicide detective and war veteran who doesn't necessarily play by the rules.

Bosch is played by Titus Welliver (Lost), with Lance Reddick and Amy Aquino co-starring on the series. Paramount Pictures originally bought the rights to the character and planned to make a series of films, but despite taking out a 15-year-option, no movies were made. The Bosch show has proven to be a success for Amazon since season 1 debuted in 2015, with the show receiving positive reviews for its cast and intricate plotting. It will return for a sixth season in April 2020.

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Bosch season 3 is considered one of the best series to date and is based on Connelly's A Darkness More Than Night and The Black Echo. The third season finds Harry a suspect when a man named Ed Gunn, who got away with a murder Bosch investigated, is found dead. This naturally creates tension between Harry and his partner Jerry, and Bosch also looks into new leads in the murder of his own mother from decades ago. This season also finds him dealing with the death of a homeless veteran, introduces the Koreatown Killer and Bosch's daughter comes to live with him, meaning he has to manage to be a father and a cop.

Titus Welliver in Bosch

Bosch season 3 is packed in terms of story, but the show manages to weave them together in a way that feels natural. By the time the third season finale "The Sea King" comes around, only a few storylines are fully resolved. It turns out a film director named Holland had Gunn murdered and Bosch framed for it so the detective would be discredited. Bosch was the lead investigator on a case involving Holland murdering an actress, and the director went so far as to storyboard Gunn's murder while planning it out.

In a dark twist, Harry's partner Jerry realizes Bosch was actually there that night keeping an eye on Gunn - and did nothing when he was being killed. This makes Jerry think about breaking up their partnership. In the finale, Bosch also goes it alone to take down the final soldier responsible for the murder of the homeless vet, which was all about stolen money. Bosch's ex-wife Elenor, played by Sarah Clarke (24), has secretly rejoined the FBI but is keeping it a secret from her family.

Finally, Harry gets another clue about his mother's murder, which leads to Bradley Walker, the President of the Police Commission. It appears Walker, played by John Getz (The Fly), may have murdered a private investigator that figured out his connection to Bosch's mother. Harry goes to Chief of Police Irving (Lance Reddick) with this, who doesn't want to believe it since Walker will be promoting him soon. Bosch vows to find the truth and is later seen at the ceremony, staring at Walker as Irving gets his long-awaited promotion.

Bosch season 3 was a tense ride, filled with twists and surprises. It also leaves some stories open-ended, including Harry's continuing quest to learn the truth about his mother's death and the Koreatown Killer is still on the loose.

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