22 Things Sarada Can Do (That Boruto Can't)

Boruto is one of the most popular anime series as of late, and one of its most beloved characters is Sarada Uchiha. She's the thoughtful, pragmatic, brilliant daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Hurano, Naruto favorites. She's a perfect blend of her parents. Serious and brilliant like her father, but kind and hot-tempered like her mother. Sarada may quite the ninja, but she also passionately cares about people. She has the empathy to counteract any Curse of Hatred, at least for now.

Placed on Team 7 after the Genin Exams, Sarada's team members include Mitsuki, Orchimaru's clone son, and Boruto Uzumaki, the son of Naruto, Konoha's Hokage. While the trio didn't always get along, they now are close friends and companions as they grow into powerful, capable shinobi. Sarada even acts like she might have a small crush on Boruto.

Though Boruto is the main character of the series and is supposed to become an absurdly strong character, Sarada can easily hold her own. Not only because of her determination and resolve, but because of her unique abilities and powers. Lucky for her, some of those abilities, like the Sharingan, are ones that Boruto could never copy from her (pun intended).

Here are the 22 Thing Sarada Can Do (That Boruto Can't).

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The Sharingan Awakened In Sarada Uchiha
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22 Sharingan

The Sharingan Awakened In Sarada Uchiha

Sarada's clan, the Uchihas, are best known for their very iconic, unique dojutsu kekkei genkai, the Sharingan. Its power and specialization in the Uchiha descendants have made it a well-known, feared ability.

With the Sharingan, Sarada can see chakra threads, copy moves, read the direction of battle better, and many more.

Hers is awakened the first time she ever meets her father. By now, she's awakened all three tomoe of the eye. Unlike most, her activation emotion was one of glee, not despair. Boruto can never have a Sharingan, not unless Sasuke, Sarada, or an unknown Uchiha gives him an eye. As the power is so specific to her genetics, it's a truly unique edge that she has. When it comes to her eyes, Boruto cannot compare.

21 Wire Strings

Wire strings are a unique ninja tool that are dangerous and nearly invisible. Sasuke also used these weaponized strands as a shinobi. They aren't just weapons, though, as they can be used to climb, bind others, set traps, and manipulate others' weapons.

Like her father before her, Sarada is trained in using these strings as multi-purpose tools. After all, unlike many other headstrong young ninja, she's very calculating and tactical. Sarada and Shikadai are two of the most likely young shinobi to use the wire strings to their advantage.  Boruto, smart yet stubborn, is far more likely to jump into an encounter head first. Unlike Sarada, he's better with finding ways to get himself out of bad situations instead of planning beforehand. Ultimately, he just doesn't understand wire strings the way she does.

20 Reject Cheating

With technology booming at an alarmingly rapid pace in Konoha, there are more new ninja tools than ever. However, not all of them are fully approved yet. That fact doesn't stop all ninja, though.

Despite the temptations around her, Sarada dutifully has followed the rules of all challenges and tests she's taken.

Those rules can range from no tools and fair fights to stealing the answers because that's the point of the test. She's perceptive and smart enough to stay within the parameters of what's expected of her. Boruto, on the other hand, can be blinded by his pride and angry defiance to break all the rules. In the Chunin Exams, he used the unapproved Kote, won, and got caught doing it.

19 Yin Release

Yin Release is one of the two Releases that are non-elemental, the other being Yang. The Yin Release is a common ability for the Uchiha clan members. The power is based on spiritual energy instead of physical, but relies on the strength in altering the balance between the two.

Sarada, like her father, is able to use the Yin Release in combat. Most of her power lies in physical or burning attacks, but Yin Release gives her a spiritual edge. Though a powerful, prodigal young ninja, Boruto has not mastered Yin or Yang Releases. They are more unique abilities, but as his own father mastered both, it's not impossible for him. Instead, Boruto remains in the dark and Sarada learns one more thing he's clueless about.

18 Fight While Blind

Sarada Fighting During The First Boruto Team 7 Mission

Sarada is known in class to be absurdly accurate when throwing weapons. She has dangerously high precision with shuriken in particular. However, because of this, she wanted to test her accuracy further. While practicing blind, Sarada still perfectly hit her target six times in a row.

She may not be able to maintain a blind battle for too long, but with her throwing skills and her pragmatic precision, she'd likely be able to still put up a decent fight without sight helping her out.

Boruto, on the other hand, is much more skilled in direct attacks. He isn't as proficient in knives and he could never achieve the level of accuracy that Sarada has. Especially not while blind.

17 See Chakra Threads

 Her family's Sharingan abilities let Sarada accomplish many things, and one of the most important is the ability to see chakra threads. Chakra threads are condensed, invisible strands of chakra that can be used to bind enemies, trip others, or control puppets. The ability is fairly uncommon, but Sarada's ability to see the threads give her an upper-hand on these sneaky, chakra-based attacks.

This ability greatly helped in her fight against Araya, a member of the Sunagakure village. Seeing chakra threads gives Sarada and her team against puppeteer ninja. Boruto's inability to see these threads puts him at a disadvantage against ninja like Araya, as he can't follow his threads to find his hiding place. Unless his eyes get an upgrade, it may be hard for him to ever see them.

16 Communication

Sasuke And Sarada In Boruto Anime

As young teens, all of the main characters of Boruto are feeling growing pains, physically and emotionally. As Sarada is on Boruto's team, fans see her struggles the most. She often struggles with her parents and their decisions. However, unlike some other main characters, she is very determined to face these problems head on. Sarada very directly and swiftly communicates with her parents when she is upset with them.

While it makes things complicated and awkward at times, it helps Sarada resolve her feelings in more healthy, honest ways.

Conversely, Boruto struggles to confront or communicate with his father. Though his issues stem from his negligent parenting Boruto more often acts out than talks to his dad directly. Right now, Boruto can't get over his anger to try to communicate and resolve things. He just stays angry.

15 High Shuriken Accuracy

Sarada Has Excellent Aim During Training In Boruto

The Uchiha are often well known for their proficiency with sharp objects. Sasuke became a masterful swordsman and his daughter, Sarada, is wildly talented in throwing shuriken. She is the top marksmen in her class. Furthermore, she's precise enough to deflect an incoming projectile with a projectile of her own.

Sarada is so accurate and precise that, to test herself, she did her exercises blind. Regardless of her sight, she hit her target perfectly six times in a row. In battle, her abilities with the shuriken are dangerously invaluable. Not only does Boruto not have that kind of calm discipline, but he also works far less with projectile blades. He could never do what Sarada does.

14 Medical Ninjutsu

Like her mother before her, Sarada is fairly well-versed with medical ninjutsu. After all, her entire life she lived with a med-nin happy to teach her whatever she wanted to know. Between her natural talent and exposure, of course she'd be proficient in the field. Regardless of Sakura, though, Sarada's abilities have been used several times to assist her team and friends.

She heals Boruto when he gets injured and she even is powerful enough to restart someone's heart.

Boruto simply does not have any experience with medical ninjutsu. He would be a hopeless medic. Even then, that style of calm, utilitarian abilities are not his style. Though he could learn basic eventually, he will never be as good as Sarada is now.

13 Follow Orders

Boruto Team 7 Includes Mitsuki Sarada Boruto and is led by Konohamaru

Like any loyal friend, Sarada has gone above and beyond to help her friends. For example, she and Boruto ran off to try to find Mitsuki on their own when he left the village. However, disobeying orders is a rare, outlying occurrence for this Uchiha heir. Other than the odd, extreme case, Sarada knows when to follow orders. When it came to the Byakuya Gang, she did her best to keep her team safe and not needlessly endanger herself or others.

Conversely, Boruto went off and tried to do things on his own. While they both have defied orders to help friends, Sarada seems very aware of the line where devotion becomes dangerous. Boruto never seems to see that line, where his recklessness won't make him a hero anymore but a liability.

12 Lightning Armor

Sarada Using Her Lightning Release

Sasuke Uchiha specialized in Fire and Lightning Releases, and Sarada is no different. However, as she copies and learns more techniques, her specializations get more complex. After copying Buntan's powers, particularly, she learned to create a protective armor of lightning. She also honed her lightning powers to include orbs and streams.

The lightning armor helps protect her in battle and makes her an overall better ninja.

Copying abilities has helped her in many single battles, but she also takes that knowledge along and grows each time she claims a new technique. To begin, Boruto cannot copy the way that Sarada does with her Sharingan, making lightning armor much harder for him to master. Furthermore, he focuses on a combination of wind and lightning attacks, not as many defense. this ability is just not in his current wheelhouse.

11 Basic Family Specialties

Sasuke Sakura and Sarada in a Family Photo

Sarada hails from the Uchiha and Hurano clans. The Uchiha clan specializes in the Sharingan, Fire and Lightning Releases, and blades. The Huranos, or at least Sakura, specialize in medical ninjutsu, chakra control, and physical strength. And, of course, both clans are highly intelligent. Sarada has mastered all of these basic family specializations in stride. She is a perfect, powerful hybrid of her parents and their strengths.

Boruto, while a prodigy, struggles with the most important specialization from his mother's family: the Byakugan. The Hyuga clan is famous for their special power. His younger sister, Himawari, has already awakened hers and is learning to use it. Boruto hasn't. Though a powerful young ninja, he fails in inheriting and tapping into that great Hyuga power.

10 Cherry Blossom Impact

Sarada Can Perform Cherry Blossom Impact In Boruto

Because of her mother's influential chakra and physical strength in her genes, Sarada can sometimes enact great feats of fist-power. One of the most impressive examples of this is the Cherry Blossom Impact.

This is a very specific ability that relies on supreme chakra control, the teachings of medical ninjutsu, and physical strength.

Combined together, a ninja can send a large target or just their fist into the ground and create a momentous impact/crater. The only known users of this move are Tsunade, Sakura, and Sarada. Boruto doesn't have any of the prerequisite for this move. He's not inherently physically strong, he isn't too trained in intense chakra control, and he isn't knowledgeable in med-nin. He could not perform this impactful move.

9 Stay Out Of Trouble In School

Though she's third in class, Sarada is easily the leader in model behavior. The two above her, Boruto and Iwabee, are known to get into trouble, get into fights, and generally set bad examples as future shinobi. Instead of that, Sarada does all her work, inspires her classmates, and tries to keep everyone out of as much trouble or danger as possible.

Compared to Sarada, Boruto is a disaster. Right before school even started, he broke the Hokage rock and was punished. Between that, fighting, cheating, and skipping class sometimes, Boruto is hardly a model student. While Sarada rarely got in trouble, he was a huge troublemaker. Though he'd hate it, his actions were fairly similar to his father's when his ninja story began.

8 Copy Attacks

Sarada Using Her Sharingan In Boruto

The Sharingan is a vital power of all intimidating Uchiha members. Sarada, like her ancestors, find that ability invaluable in battle. One of its most important functions is its ability to copy other ninja's attacks after watching them perform the moves. That power was iconic in Kakashi's first fight with Zabuza in Naruto, and has since remained a strong tool in battle.

From copying, Sarada has learned lightning armor and other lightning forms and some techniques from Mirai.

She truly is a young shinobi who shows immense potential. Boruto has the same, if not more, potential than Sarada. However, he cannot copy abilities as quickly or precisely as she can and never will be able to.

7 Chakra Punches

Sarada Wins A Chunin Exam Match With One Punch

In Naruto, Sakura was known for her intense control over chakra. She even successfully combined that control with her strength and used the combination to make herself even stronger. Her chakra punches were known to break walls. When a dangerous, gigantic rock threatens the crowds at Boruto's Chunin Exam, she even uses that power to destroy the boulder and protect innocent bystanders.

Similarly, Sarada has learned to hone the same skill. In her first round of the Chunin Exams, she knocked her opponent out with one chakra punch. Though small, her fists are hardly ones to be messed with. Boruto is powerful, but he simply doesn't have the honed chakra control that Sarada has. He can't knock people across stadiums and break walls with only his fist. He'd need much more charka training for that.

6 Focus On Ambitions

Sarada, from very early on in Boruto, makes her ambitions quite clear. She hopes one day to become Hokage. Because of this, she looks up to Naruto, works really hard in school, tries to be a good example, and practices being a protective leader. From practicing diplomacy or protecting others, she lives by her dream. She wants to one day be strong and worthy enough to lead this village. Nothing says that more than asking to change their team name to Team 7, just like Naruto's.

Boruto, though, has little ambition. His only goals focus on defying his father and becoming even stronger.

There is little constructed motive behind his actions. His first thought-out goal, even, is based on someone else's: Sarada's. He promises to protect her when she becomes Hokage.

5 Fire Release

Sarada Has A Fire Nature Type Chakra

Despite the Sharingan being unique to the Uchiha Clan, their signature move is in Fire Release. Particularly, Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. It's the coming of age technique for the Uchiha Members. As her abilities grow, Sarada focuses on Fire and Lightning Releases, just like her own father did before her. Though a unique personality, she knows the strengths of her genetics and relies on those to make her an even stronger ninja.

Boruto may be strong, but he's not exactly known for his fire powers. Not only does he not perform Fire Release techniques, but he could never perform the Uchia signature move. He isn't and never will be on Sarada's level of fire mastery.

4 Pragmatic Diplomacy

Chouchou and Sarada in Boruto Anime

Being young teens and ninja is hardly an easy mix. As the young shinobi face many obstacles and complications, Sarada is always one of the first to turn towards diplomacy. She may have a hot-headed temper, but it rarely shows up when things are serious. Instead, she becomes very pragmatic and tries to find a best solution for everyone.

For example, when Wasabi announced suddenly that she was leaving ninja-hood, she found the true root of the trouble and found a solution to make Wasabi and her parents happy.

With a lot of heart, Boruto can be diplomatic and convincing. He did convince Sumire to come back to school. However, he's also hot-headed and easily riled. Boruto can help solve an issue as easily as he can make it worse.

3 Trustworthy Leadership

Dreaming of becoming Hokage, Sarada takes any chance she can to be a leader. She lead their class in Sumire's absence, she lead civilians out of the Chunin Exams when things got dangerous, and leading Team 7 in several mission plans. Though she's not given the title of class rep or group leader, her class and teammates trust her and know she's a good leader.

Sarada has the instincts, discipline, drive, and strength to be a great leader, now and in the future. Boruto may be strong, but he's not a leader-type. He can make a good speach or plan every so often, but ultimately he runs off on too many headstrong, solo missions to be a reliable leader.

2 Restart Hearts

Sarada Can Dispel Genjutsu

In School Trip Bloodwind Records, it's revealed that Sarada's abilities in medical ninjutsu are far more powerful than expected. With her great control over small, focused points of chakra, her hand can act as a defibrillator. Doing this, she can literally restart someone's heart.

Boruto's technology levels can be a bit confusing at times, but people like Sarada can take the place of certain lacking medical tools.

That kind of ability is invaluable, especially out on a battlefield. She can save people that might never make it to a hospital. Sarada's techniques are specialized, a blend of chakra and medical ninjutsu, but immensely powerful nonetheless. Boruto, not trained in medical ninjutsu or the deep levels of chakra control that Sarada has, couldn't do what she can do. He simply wouldn't have the necessary discipline or experience to make it happen.

1 Admire Naruto

One of the most impressive things in Sarada's life contradicts all of Boruto's feelings: her admiration of Naruto. As someone aspiring to become Hokage, she has to look up to him. He has everything she wants for herself. Not only that, but Sarada gets to see the best parts of him. Naruto is in peak form as a Hokage, advising villagers, protecting Konoha, and being a powerful ray of hope. Though he may not be a great dad, he is a great Hokage and of course Sarada would admire that side of him.

Then there's Boruto. As Naruto's son, neglected and angsty, he can't admire his dad. All his achievements as Hokage seem to have come at the expense of his family. Naruto is just something that the close teammates and friends have to agree to disagree about.


Can you think of any more unique powers Sarada has shown off in Boruto? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section!

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