• Boruto: 25 Wild Revelations About Boruto And Sarada’s Relationship

    When the Naruto series ended, many fans wanted a little bit more time with their favorite characters. They got that time, and then some, with the sequel series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In the new series, the original characters play supporting roles while Naruto and Hinata’s son Boruto takes center stage.

    A movie developed first, with a manga and anime series following. Because the manga and anime developed concurrently, the anime is getting the filler treatment. New arcs are included in the animated series, working to expand details about the characters the manga might not give readers, including a lot more insight into the relationships between many of the characters.

    Despite the fandom being relatively new, the relationships captured the attention of many, with a lot of fans interested in the developing friendship between title character Boruto and Sarada Uchiha, the daughter of original characters Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. In spite of the close friendship between their parents, Boruto and Sarada spent much of the early days of the series claiming not to like one another. They argued enough that it could have been true— if only they didn’t keep getting one another out of trouble.

    Assigned to the same shinobi team, the two have a respect for one another (and an understanding of their relationships with their parents) that not many other shinobi share.  As a result, many fans have become excited to watch their dynamic develop, leading us to 25 Wild Revelations About Boruto And Sarada’s Relationship.

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    Their Dynamic Influences Everyone Around Them

    For some friends, arguing constantly becomes old hat, and it’s easy for outsiders to ignore it. In the case of Boruto and Sarada, that doesn’t happen.

    When Boruto and Sarada begin arguing while in class at the Ninja Academy, their entire class takes sides. Unsurprisingly, the girls side with Sarada, while the boys side with Boruto. When the class becomes too riled up in the anime, Shino decides to teach them a lesson.

    He divides the class along gender lines for a game of Capture The Flag. While the girls win, they do it when Boruto is distracted by saving Chocho’s life. That’s enough to get Sarada and Boruto calmed down.

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    Sarada’s Annoyance Hides Concern

    Sarada And Boruto Disagree

    For all of Sarada’s sighing, eye rolling, and general complaining about Boruto’s antics in the early days of the animated series, she doesn’t do a very good job at ignoring him or simply staying away from him. Instead, Sarada follows him a few times, and even keeps an eye on him when he gets into arguments.

    Despite everything she says about him, she’s still watching out for him. Sarada clearly cares about Boruto to some degree. Even if her concern only goes as far as him being a classmate she doesn’t want to see ruin his future, the concern is still there.

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    They Use The Same Line

    As the son of the Hokage, Boruto doesn’t have much anonymity. Gossip follows him. When Boruto returns to the Ninja Academy following a suspension, Sarada hears a lot about how the two must be close because their parents were on the same team and fought in the war together. Sarada’s response? Only their parents are close; they just know each other because of that.

    Boruto initially says the same thing. If that were true, however, why wouldn’t he say the same thing about someone like Shikadai? The only reason they spent so much time together growing up is because their parents work together.

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    Sarada Always Believes Boruto

    Sarada Mitsuki Boruto

    Boruto might play pranks and turn a lot of events into jokes, but he doesn’t intentionally lie to people. That’s one thing even Sarada knows.

    The anime’s first major story arc introduced a dark shadow that possessed Konoha residents that only Boruto saw. When he told Sarada his story, despite her thinking it crazy, she still helped him save someone. She also told him that even though she thought he was an idiot usually, she knew he wouldn’t lie to her. It’s an odd line for the two of them to walk - driving one another crazy, but trusting one another with secrets as well.

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    Boruto Directly Influences Sarada’s Career Path

    Sarada spent much of her time at the Academy confused about her place in Konoha, not knowing what she wanted to do with her shinobi training in the future. Surprisingly, it was Boruto who put her on the right path.

    When Sarada discovered Naruto would be meeting with her father in secret, she decided to follow him so she could talk with him as well. She was only able to because Boruto gave Sarada his father’s lunch to deliver to him when she asked. Spending time with Naruto, and getting to see how he helped people first-hand, cemented her decision to work toward becoming Hokage.

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    Neither Want To Follow Their Fathers’ Paths

    Boruto and Naruto In The Hokage Office

    There’s no denying the differences between Boruto and Sarada. Sarada enjoys learning and putting in hard work, whereas Boruto expects shinobi techniques to come easy. Boruto likes to play jokes, while Sarada takes everything very seriously. They do, however, have one thing in common: strained relationships with their fathers.

    Sasuke spent all his time traveling during Sarada’s childhood. Naruto spent his time running the village during Boruto’s. As a result, they both think their fathers’ respective lifestyles aren’t for them. Sarada wants to be in the same place as her family— and helping people by leading the village. Boruto doesn’t want to be the one saddled with that responsibility, instead opting for Sasuke’s shadowy role.

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    Mitsuki Thinks They Make A Good Couple

    Sarada And Boruto Disagree With Mitsuki

    When Mitsuki first interacts with Boruto and Sarada, it’s entirely possible that he doesn’t understand the connotation of “you make a good couple,” as it’s something he tells the duo repeatedly.

    Mitsuki first makes the comment when Sarada informs Boruto she’s setting aside childish ways to fully concentrate on her studies— just as he misses the mark with his shuriken during practice. Their new classmate again makes the comment when Sarada decides to get in the way of Boruto’s prank of defacing the Hokage monument again.

    The two protest Mitsuki’s comment vehemently, but perhaps Mitsuki sees something they don’t.

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    Boruto And Sarada Make For Popular Fan Works

    Boruto And Sarada Around A Campfire

    Though the Boruto fandom is very young compared to those who stuck with Naruto for decades, fans already devote their spare time to creative interpretations of the story and characters. Stories and art devoted to their pairing make up a large part of the work online.

    Though sites that allow posting of fan works, like Archive Of Our Own, only contain a few hundred pieces related to Boruto (so far), nearly a fifth of the published pieces center on Boruto and Sarada. If the fandom has as long to grow and speculate as the Naruto fandom did, we’re sure to see plenty more.

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    Sarada Helps Boruto To Lead

    Sarada And Boruto Before The Class Field Trip

    Interestingly, though Sarada is the one of the pair who wants to eventually lead their village, it’s Boruto who frequently ends up thrown into leadership roles. His charm draws his classmates in, and they follow his lead on their own. Sarada, however, still pushes him to lead.

    When the class finds out they’ll be going on a field trip to Kirigakure, they need a representative to act as their class leader when they visit the new land. Rather than take on the role herself, Sarada nominates Boruto, thinking it’ll be a way to keep him out of trouble on the trip. Much to Boruto’s surprise, the class agrees.

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    Boruto Influences Sarada’s Leadership

    Sarada And Boruto Talk

    Boruto made it clear that he has no interest in taking on a role in the village akin to the Hokage. Instead, he wants to operate from the shadows, which he’s already started doing as a kid.

    When one of his classmates, Wasabi, decides not to pursue a shinobi lifestyle after the Academy, her sudden decision starts to fracture friendships. It’s Boruto who convinces Sarada that a Hokage would get involved and smooth things over. Sarada talks to Wasabi, who then has a heart to heart with her parents. If Boruto hadn’t gotten in Sarada’s head, she might never have helped.

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    They Are Combat Compatible

    Boruto Team 7 Includes Mitsuki Sarada Boruto and is led by Konohamaru

    Following their graduation from the Ninja Academy, Boruto and Sarada discover something horrible: they’ve been assigned to the same team. Immediately ready to stage a protest, they take their complaints all the way to the Hokage, hoping for a change so they don’t have to spend the rest of the their training days with the one person they argue with the most.

    Instead of ending up with a teammate swap though, the duo surprise one another. Boruto and Sarada team up to get past Naruto’s bodyguard Mirai and find they are perfectly compatible in combat. So well suited to fight together, they decide to remain with Mitsuki in a new version of Team 7.

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    Sarada Gets An Admission From Boruto

    Boruto And Sarada At Dinner

    While Sarada knew Boruto wouldn’t lie to her early in the series, she also knew that there were some things Boruto didn’t necessarily talk about. One of those, despite his frequent acting out, was how he really felt about the position of Hokage.

    Boruto disliking the role wasn’t because Boruto didn’t enjoy helping people or being the center of attention. In fact, he’s a lot like his father that way. Instead, his dislike stems from the idea that the Hokage always has to put the village first. On Boruto’s birthday, which Naruto missed due to Hokage duties, Sarada learned Boruto believed the Hokage had to care about the job more than he cared about their family.

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    Sarada Enjoys Manipulating Boruto

    Sarada And Boruto Getting Burgers

    Once Sarada, Boruto, and Mitsuki end up on the same team, they have to compete together to move up from genin to chunin level. That’s all well and good when you have a team of young shinobi who get along or have similar goals. While Sarada was intent on competing in the Chunin Exams, Boruto was not.

    After learning Boruto had no interest in the exams, Sarada delt a low blow. She reminded him that the Hokage would be monitoring them, and he could use the chance to show Naruto just what he could do. Boruto, of course, jumped at the chance to get his father’s attention - all so Sarada could get what she wanted.

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    Sarada Defends Boruto

    Sasuke And Sarada In Boruto Anime

    Sarada seems to operate under the mentality that she’s the only one allowed to get under Boruto’s skin. Despite her constantly arguing with him or teasing him, she doesn’t allow anyone else to do the same, even her own father whom she’s waited years to have a relationship with.

    When Sasuke returned to Konoha after spending years traveling for work for the village, Sarada thought that meant she’d get more time with him. Boruto also wanted Sasuke to mentor him. After Sasuke teased Boruto for his tiny rasengan during a potential training exercise, Boruto ran away and Sarada was quick to reprimand her father. She defended Boruto, explaining that it’s rare for him to commit.

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    Boruto Trusts Sarada’s Judgment
    Boruto And Sarada Talk During A Mission

    He might not like how serious Sarada can be, but even Boruto has to admit that he trusts Sarada to make the right decisions during crunch time.

    During their Chunin Exams, Boruto and Mitsuki didn’t have the answers to a question about a book. Knowing Sarada was one of the best academics in their generation, Boruto asked her to make the decision for the team. Even when Sarada didn’t know the answer, instead opting to choose the opposite of what she thought her father would choose, Boruto (and Mitsuki) still trusted her choices. There is a genuine camaraderie between Boruto and Sarada.

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    They Often Share A Meal

    We might be able to put this down to Boruto and Sarada just enjoying the same places to hang out, but so do the rest of their friends, and they aren’t getting the mealtime spotlight as often in the anime.

    Plenty of story-lines find the duo debating different subjects over burgers in town. In some cases, other friends join them, but every so often, they wind up alone in the same booth. On their field trip to Kirigakure, Boruto even purchased fried squid, sharing with Sarada when they ran into one another. For two people who like to remind everyone they don’t like one another, they certainly spend a lot of time on what their parents might see as a date.

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    Boruto Cheats Because Of Sarada

    Many fans hold the impression that Boruto cheats during his Chunin Exams, using a device called a kote, because he wants to win. That’s not so. His cheating is two-fold. Not only does he want to impress his father, but he also doesn’t want to let Sarada down.

    Part of the Chunin Exams included a game the genin were very familiar with— the shinobi style of Capture The Flag. When Boruto realized that another team was about to steal their flag, it wasn’t his father’s reaction that got him to use his kote, but the realization that Sarada would be disappointed in him.

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    Boruto Cheats Again In Reaction To Sarada’s Loss

    Boruto And Sarada In The Chunin Exams

    Using the kote to prevent his team losing their flag isn’t the only time Boruto cheats during the exams. The anime changed up just why he cheats compared to the movie version of the story. In the movie, Boruto went up against his childhood best friend Shikadai, and wanting to impress his father, resorted to cheating when he thought he would lose.

    The series saw Boruto and Sarada make it to the final round against Shinki instead. The teammates decided to put their compatibility to good use, but Sarada ended up eliminated from the fight. Boruto only resorted to cheating when he was angry that Sarada couldn’t keep going. The change is a significant one.

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    Sarada Pays A Lot Of Attention To Boruto

    Sarada Stays Out Of Sight Of Boruto

    Fans know Sarada keeps a close eye on her teammate. She followed him to observe his training with their sensei. Sarada also followed him to get in the way of his pranks. She might have paid even closer attention to him than most people realized though.

    After their Chunin Exams, Sarada surprised Boruto with one simple observation. While staring intently at his face, she informed him she hadn’t realized that his eyes were bluer than his father’s. That statement came out of nowhere for some, including Boruto. It only served as a reminder that Sarada paid just as much attention to her teammate as to the man with the job she wanted.

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    Boruto Feels The Effects Of Her Attention

    Sarada Makes Boruto Blush

    In the anime, a large episode number means more time for Sarada to pay attention to Boruto. We haven’t seen an indication that Boruto notices, but the novelization of the Boruto movie paints another picture.

    The novel, told from Boruto’s point of view, makes it clear he does notice. He makes the comment that he “feels her eyes on” him. It’s for that reason that he strives to do something noticeable. He wants to be a good shinobi, but also wants it clear that he can be as good as Sarada. Boruto decides to prove that by stealing her moment of glory during a mission to capture a bear.

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    Sarada Is Stronger With Genjutsu

    Sarada Can Dispel Genjutsu

    When Mitsuki vanished from Konoha, Sarada and Boruto bonded together to find their lost teammate. Along the way, they faced a few unexpected complications, including a genjutsu user named Kirara.

    Kirara quickly swayed Boruto with a genjutsu, the hallucinations he saw forcing him to fight Sarada head-on. While Sarada also ended up enthralled by a genjutsu, she found a way to get herself out of it. She placed a genjutsu on herself to break the original, then saved Boruto to boot. While Sarada’s sharingan probably gives her an edge here, her mother was also extremely adept at breaking genjutsu, Neither of Boruto’s parents were, so it makes sense that Sarada would do the saving.

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    Boruto Goes To Sarada First

    Sarada Is Concerned About Boruto

    After becoming an official shinobi team, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki don’t get to simply take on missions on their own. The trio still have a sensei and team leader in the form of Konohamaru Sarutobi. Sometimes, it seems like Boruto forgets who is actually in charge of the team.

    During one instance, the team already received a mission assignment when Boruto decided he needed to help a new friend. Rather than explain the situation to their sensei, Boruto talked things over with Sarada, who gave him the go-ahead. That already spoke volumes about the importance of Sarada’s opinion to him. She also decided to help him out instead of completing the mission later.

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    Boruto Pledged His Loyalty To Sarada

    Boruto And Sarada Team Up

    In yet another instance of Boruto showing how much he respects and cares for Sarada, he pledged his future loyalty to her. He didn’t do anything as formal as we’ve seen in the Naruto franchise in the past, but he made it clear that he’s putting her goals first as a support system.

    When Boruto decided he wanted to work from the shadows, he had a specific example in mind: Sasuke Uchiha. Called the Second Hokage, or the Shadow Hokage, by Naruto, that gave Boruto an idea. Boruto informed Sarada that she would become Hokage one day. He also promised he would be in the shadows as her protector.

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    Sarada’s Frustration With Boruto Is Familiar

    Naruto And Sakura

    Those fans who enjoy drawing parallels between the original series and the new generation will find the initial interactions between Boruto and Sarada very familiar. While Sarada is an adept student (near the top of her class), Boruto acts out, seeking attention. As a result, Sarada finds Boruto’s pranks and jokes immature, demonstrating frustration with him on a regular basis.

    That frustration can cause the two to get into yelling matches, or even get more physical with one another. Their dynamic, initially, is very similar to the one Sakura Haruno had with Naruto Uzumaki in the early days of Team 7.

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    Sumire Questioned The Boruto-Sarada Dynamic

    Other than friends commenting on their closeness, or Mitsuki making his “good couple” comments, no one has asked point blank if there are feelings between Boruto and Sarada that might extend beyond friendship. No one until Sumire did just that, that is.

    Spending a little time in the anime as an accidental antagonist, Sumire graduated and began working in scientific research. During a visit, one translation of the story has Sumire voicing her own interest in Boruto. Another has her asking Sarada if Sarada has feelings for Boruto. Either way, Sarada ended up flustered, but seemingly clueless about her own feelings.


    Are you interested in this particular Boruto relationship? Or are there other characters whose dynamic is more interesting? Hit us up in the comments, and let us know what you think.

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