15 Things Boruto Can Do That Naruto Can’t

Boruto is not a direct copycat of Naruto-- it’s a continuation of Naruto while containing its own singularity. Similar to how Force Awakens was a story that continued from the original Star Wars trilogy with old and new characters, so is Boruto from Naruto. Not that one is better than the other, but it’s an individual story in its own right, and should be treated as such.

The Naruto franchise isn’t going anywhere and will be around for generations to come. Despite the corniness and simple themes that are sometimes associated with both the Boruto and Naruto series, the characters are identifiable and the story is captivating.

It’s easy to assume that, based on the title, Boruto is far more powerful or better than Naruto. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s no way that Boruto is more powerful than his dad, who happens to be an active Seventh Hokage.

It's time to take a look at Boruto and how he developed into his own character with his own unique abilities. Just because he looks like Naruto did when he was young, that doesn’t mean he’s a clone of his father.

Here are the 15 Things Boruto Can Do That Naruto Can’t.

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15 He Can Use Two Nature Elements Simultaneously

Yes, Naruto has used two nature elements simultaneously before. However, he relied on chakra from the tailed beasts to accomplish those techniques. Also, let’s not forget that he couldn’t do that until he acquired the Six Paths Senjutsu.

Despite his age and the lack of chakra from a tailed beast, Boruto has already learned how to combine two nature transformations together and use them simultaneously while attacking. His attacks on Naruto were so strong during training matches that Naruto was forced to put up a protective wall to handle the assault.

By combining these transformations together at the same time, a completely new elemental nature is created with its own unique properties. A simple example of how this was used in the past would be Hashirama Senju’s Wood Release, combining Earth and Water natures.

14 He Has A Lightning Release Called Purple Electricity

Hatake Kakashi in Boruto Naruto Next Generations Purple Electricity

While it’s only been mentioned in the Boruto manga, Boruto has the ability to use Lightning Release: Purple Electricity. This powerful technique was used and invented by Kakashi Hatake.

It’s a stream of purple electricity that manifests out from a user’s hand and can be used to attack an opponent from a short to mid-range distance. When shot into the sky, the technique is also powerful enough to produce rain clouds. Kakashi was also able to use this technique by letting it flow through spilled alcohol.

Only two individuals thus far have used this technique in the entire Naruto franchise, Kakashi and now Boruto. The most amazing part about Boruto using Lightning Release: Purple Electricity is that he could do it while only being 8 years old.

13 He Excels In Academia On A Prodigy Level

Let’s face it, Boruto doesn’t get his book smarts from his father. Naruto was never good in school (not being able to graduate the Academy multiple times) and he still isn’t good with paperwork, as seen by the stacks on his Hokage desk. Boruto, on the other hand, is in the top of his Academy class as the second smartest student.

The only person above him is Iwabee Yuino, whom Boruto stands a chance of knocking out of that number one spot. Sasukke selected Boruto as a disicple due to his academic genius.

Boruto most likely gets his intelligence and prodigy-like skills as a combination of the two powerful bloodlines that course through him. He learns techniques in a short span of time and can achieve anything he puts his mind to.

12 He Has The Use Of Dōjutsu

Boruto awakened the Dōjutsu in his eye subconsciously when he was only 8 years old. He first used it to see what he called a purple monster ghost of chakra that turned people into an evil version of themselves.

At first, he couldn’t control it because it only activated when there was a threat nearby. He can now activate it at will, causing black markings across his right arm and face.

So far, Boruto can see visible changes in an individual’s chakra while also tracking them through their chakra. He can use it to see through invisible barriers which connect between dimensions. It’s also been explained that Boruto could communicate with Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki's dying spirit because he has the blood of a Byakugan wielder in him.

11 He Has An Ability He Named Boruto Stream

While Boruto doesn’t scream to express his emotions all the time like Naruto did when he was a kid, he is loud at times, energetic, and defiantly stubborn like his father was. He’s also a bit cocky too.

However, his cockiness can be a good thing, especially when it increases his strength and abilities due to him knowing he can achieve what he puts his mind to. While Boruto’s arrogance may have led to him cutting corners and naming his own techniques, he’s matured quickly.

The Boruto Stream is a Wind Release technique he uses to accelerate his movements. By using this ability in conjunction with his shadow clones, Boruto can achieve even greater speed. Boruto uses his Boruto Stream prior to an attack that usually involves taijutsu, or Lightning Release shurikenjutsu.

10 He Can Use The Gentle Fist Attack

There’s plenty of debate floating around amongst Naruto and Boruto fans regarding Boruto’s use of the Gentle Fist attack. To be clear, Boruto does have the ability to use Gentle Fist, however, he can’t use it to its full ability because he doesn’t have the Byakugan.

Specifically used by the Hyūga clan, the Gentle Fist is a hand-to-hand form of combat. The move attacks the body's Chakra Pathway System which can injure an opponent’s organs.

For this to be accomplished, Boruto has to inject a certain amount of his chakra into his opponent's chakra pathway system. The move doesn’t require a super strong hit (a tap can be sufficient) to cause severe organ damage which is how the Gentle Fist got its name in the first place.

9 He Can Attack With The Surging Fire Wild Dance

Having Sasuke as a mentor and trainer has several advantages, especially when the student can pick up on fighting techniques quickly. In a move created by Sasuke, Boruto has mastered the Surging Fire Wild Dance. Boruto has used this technique only in the anime so far. The only other person to have this ability is Kakashi in a video game.

The Surging Fire Wild Dance technique is a barrage of taijutsu attacks. It starts with a kick, which is immediately followed by a punch, and then another kick from the opposite leg. The fact that Boruto has taken time to learn close combat fighting like this shows his maturity and determination.

Too often a character can rely only on long-range attacks (like Gaara did) and be weakened when confronted face to face.

8 He Has The Power Of Wind Release: Gale Palm

This powerful attack is derived from his Boruto Stream technique, but takes the offensive to a whole new level. When Boruto claps his hands together, wind is compressed and transformed into a powerful gale. If Boruto was to use this as an isolated attack, it could easily knock his opponent right off of their feet.

The true damage and power from the Wind Release: Gale Palm comes through using it with various projectile style weapons like a shuriken or a kunai. If the weapon is sped up with the Wind Release: Gale Palm, its ability to wound or even kill Boruto’s opponents is greatly increased.

The damage this technique can create is up to three times more powerful than a normal weapon attack. Unlike the Lightning Release: Thunderclap Arrow, this technique can be used for short and mid-range.

7 He Can Use Lightning Release: Thunderclap Arrow

This attack has yet to be seen in the Boruto anime episodes, but it was revealed in the manga during chapter 16. The Lightning Release: Thunderclap Arrow is a lightning-natured chakra that Boruto turns into an arrow or spear-like form.

He can then throw or launch it as a projectile based attack. If combined with a Water Release technique, the arrow has the ability to electrocute his opponent.

Of all the new attack methods Boruto is discovering for himself, this is one we're excited to see appear at some point in the anime. The Lightning Release: Thunderclap Arrow unfortunately can only be used for short range targets. However, at this point in the series, Boruto is the only one who has mastered using it.

6 He Created An Attack Called Triple Lightning

Another sign of Boruto coming into his own and being separate from his father is his ability to customize attack fighting styles that fit in with his strengths and comfortability. On such attack is a Triple Lightning technique which Boruto refers to as the Uchiha-Style Shurikenjutsu.

This attack is again a combination of his other abilities, woven into a creative form that only Boruto uses. Boruto takes three shuriken, infuses them with Lightning Release chakra, and then throws them at his opponent.

The best part about Triple Lightning (Uchiha-Style Shurikenjutsu) is that it works for all ranges, giving him the flexibility to use it up close or from a distance as a distraction move. Boruto has used this attack in both the anime and manga.

5 He Isn’t Afraid To Use Advanced Technology

One of Boruto’s favorite lethal toys he uses during a fight is a Kote. Initially he used the device as a form of “cheating," as it gave others the impression that he was using advanced techniques. Boruto has seen the error in his ways and now respects the tool for what it is.

A Kote is a Scientific Ninja Weapon developed by Katasuke of Konohagakure's Scientific Ninja Weapons Team. The gear is worn on Boruto’s forearm and is filled with technique infused scrolls that are shrunken down to a pill size form.

What makes this device so awesome is that the user doesn’t have to waste chakra in a fight to perform a technique. The chakra is infused into the scrolls prior to being shrunken down into a pill.

4 He Has Created A Technique Called Water Release: Surging Sea

Boruto may have started off as a slightly spoiled brat when first attending the Academy, but over time has grown to respect training hard and the amount of work that needs to go into it. With this maturity has come new techniques that he’s adapting towards his own particular style of fighting.

The Water Release: Surging Sea is one such new technique that sadly has only been seen in the Boruto manga so far. This technique works by Boruto kneading chakra in his stomach and converting it. He then is able to release a large surge of water from his mouth.

It’s a short to mid-range technique that bears similarities to the Water Release: Water Trumpet used by Kurotsuchi and Yahiko in the Naruto series and video games (by Tobirama Senju).

3 He Has More Skill In Kenjutsu Than Naruto 

Kenjutsu is a technique that uses swords while fighting. Naruto was never seen using Kenjutsu in his younger days, but showed talent in the later anime episodes. Boruto, however, seems to enjoy fighting styles that are within short range.

His training with Sasuke has led him to be quite skilled in the art of Kenjutsu. In fact, as a teenager, fighting with a sword has become his preferred method.

Boruto has even wielded half of Hiramekarei in an effective manner. The Hiramekarei is one of the famous swords associated with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. When put together, it has two blades and is absolutely huge, looking like a sword out of a video game.

One of the coolest features about the Hiramekarei is that it’s capable of storing chakra.

2 He Has Taken The Rasengan To A Whole New Level

Of all the new attacks and techniques that Boruto has created or learned, the Vanishing Rasengan is by far the coolest. Boruto creates a Rasengan and adds Wind Release to it, prior to throwing it.

While the Rasengan is driven towards its opponent, nature transformation kicks in suddenly, causing the Rasengan to disappear from sight. While his opponent may not be able to see it, the Rasengan is still flying towards them.

This technique is great for tricking an opponent into thinking that Boruto’s attack failed, only for enemies to be hit unexpectedly by the Vanishing Rasengan attack.

Boruto’s Rasengan’s are nowhere close to the size that Naruto would normally achieve, but as time progresses we’re sure he’ll get to that level. Add the disappearing aspect and Vanishing Rasengan will probably be Boruto’s most powerful technique.

1 He Can Out-Eat Naruto (If It’s Burgers)

We all know how much Naruto loves ramen, especially from Ramen Ichiraku. Boruto loves food too, but his passion is for burgers. He constantly has burger coupons on him at all times, and can be seen eating a burger often in the anime. Boruto even went out of his way to get a limited edition green chili hamburger, though it was super spicy.

When Boruto isn’t eating a burger, he’s grabbing a yakisoba bun. He claims that the yakisoba bun gives him the energy he needs to get through a day at the Academy. While it may seem insignificant, the difference in food choices is just another way that Boruto differs from his father Naruto.

As he continues to grow and mature, Boruto will clearly walk his own path. As he does this, his own powers and abilities will continue to grow and surpass his father's.


Can you think of any other powers or abilities that Bortuo has but Naruto doesn't? Let us know in the comment section!

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