20They Started Out With A Different Name

Boruto Team 7 Includes Mitsuki Sarada Boruto and is led by Konohamaru

In episode 38 of the series, the teachers split the newly graduated genin into three-man teams. After all of their hard work, Mitsuki, Sarada Uchiha, and Boruto Uzumaki team up to make Team 3. Up until this point, Boruto and Sarada haven't gotten along. Therefore, as kid logic goes, the

pair teams up to convince Naruto to change their team. They even manage to get past a seasoned shinobi guard, Mirai Sarutobi, in their attempts. Working together, both young genin really go all out.

However, once she sees how well she and Boruto coordinates, Sarada instead asks to simply change their team name to Team 7 to honor their parents. Boruto and Naruto himself agree to this, setting the expectations for Team Konohamaru even higher.

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