Boruto: 20 Things Only True Fans Know About The New Team 7

Boruto: The Next Generation is led by the impressive new Team 7, which consists of Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki. They're led by Konohamaru Sarutobi, the headstrong little boy who once wanted to battle his aging grandfather. Now he's all grown up and leading the new ninja heroes into a new era. With time, the group only grows stronger and closer, becoming a new trio of shinobi for fans to fall in love with.

Eighty-four episodes deep now, Boruto is truly finding its footing with its new iconic, central team. While the other characters are still fun and fascinating, Team 7 is leading the story. It's not hard to understand why the protagonists are the stubborn, since they are the prodigal son of Naruto, the tenacious, brilliant daughter of Sasuke, and the wild card clone son of the infamous Orochimaru. Things can only get more interesting from here.

This group has already tackled gangs, bandits, abductors, clones, and clans from other worlds. Their story has just begun but it's already one fun ride. Recently, a young Kawaki has popped into the manga, and anyone who watched the first few episodes knows how exciting that is. The world of Boruto is about to get exciting. For anyone needing a catch up, though, there's a lot more interesting things going on with the new Team 7 than their heritage and strange boys in the woods.

With that said, here are the 20 Things Only True Fans Know About The New Team 7 In Boruto.

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Boruto Team 7 Includes Mitsuki Sarada Boruto and is led by Konohamaru
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20 They Started Out With A Different Name

Boruto Team 7 Includes Mitsuki Sarada Boruto and is led by Konohamaru

In episode 38 of the series, the teachers split the newly graduated genin into three-man teams. After all of their hard work, Mitsuki, Sarada Uchiha, and Boruto Uzumaki team up to make Team 3. Up until this point, Boruto and Sarada haven't gotten along. Therefore, as kid logic goes, the pair teams up to convince Naruto to change their team. They even manage to get past a seasoned shinobi guard, Mirai Sarutobi, in their attempts. Working together, both young genin really go all out.

However, once she sees how well she and Boruto coordinates, Sarada instead asks to simply change their team name to Team 7 to honor their parents. Boruto and Naruto himself agree to this, setting the expectations for Team Konohamaru even higher.

19 Boruto Is Just As Reckless As His Father On Missions


One of the biggest points of Boruto is that Boruto is, and refuses to ever become, a warrior just like his father. He wants to find his own ninja way. In many aspects, he succeeds at that. When it comes to missions, however, the two can sometimes be eerily similar. In particular, they're both reckless.

For example, Boruto decided to abandon his first B-rank mission to focus on saving an abducted friend. While admirable, and though his teammates chose to join him, it was still reckless to go after abductors like that. Naruto similarly was known for doing things his way, leaping before he thought, and protecting Sasuke's life even when he was a wanted criminal. Both father and son are reckless when it comes to doing what they think is right, no matter the consequences.

18 It's Naruto's Fault 2/3 Team 7's Members Are In Konoha

The members of Team 7 are all children of major Naruto characters, but it's important to note that Sasuke and Orochimaru were not always good people. Even by Boruto, their intentions are still sometimes put into question.

If Naruto was stricter with the two ex-criminals, both Mitsuki and Sarada would not be genin of Konoha. Because of this, it's directly Naruto's forgiveness that let Boruto's Team 7 come together. Mitsuki is now allowed to come into the village for training and Sarada has grown up in the village all her life. Though Sasuke still acts as an outsider, and though Orochimaru is still (very reasonably) hated and mistrusted, their sinless children can work towards the greater good alongside Boruto.

17 Boruto And Mitsuki Are Some Of The Only Characters With Siblings

The couples of Konoha aren't known for having multiple children. In Naruto, only Hinata, Sasuke, and a few other had any siblings. For a show obsessed with the dynamics of complex relationships, it's almost startling how few sibling blood relations it has.

That precedence hasn't changed when it comes to Boruto. Mitsuki and Boruto are two of very few characters who have brothers or sisters. Even then, only Boruto's sister, Himawari, is frequently featured. Mitsuki's older brother, Log, has had little interaction with the Konoha shinobi. Understandably, the dangerous life of a ninja leaves little time for building huge families. However, it is a little surprising how many young genin are only children.

16 Their Chunin Exams Were Also Interrupted

The Chunin Exams arc of Naruto is one of the most beloved segments of the anime. It complicates the relationships of all of the young genin, shows how dedicated Team 7 members are to their goals, and adds new players into the mix. Also, of course, it changed the trajectory of the story forever. Similarly, the Chunin Exams in Boruto are just as hectic.

Not only do proctors catch Boruto cheating in his battles, but the tests are interrupted by Momoshiki and Kinshiki. Just like Orochimaru and Sasuke, Momoshiki gives Boruto new power that he cannot fully control. Momoshiki also says cryptic, prophetic words before his passing, making the scene feel ominous. The comparisons go even deeper considering that, just like the past Team 7, Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada did not pass the exams.

15 Boruto's Powers Are Impressive, But Uneven

Konohamaru And Boruto Training

Throughout Boruto, it's shown that the young ninja is much more a prodigy than his father. While Naruto had to fight to learn basic skills and only his natural talent shone through, Boruto is missing something else. He's talented and disciplined in the way of the ninja, he just doesn't have that same heart and willpower behind it all. Boruto excels at many things, but when abilities don't come easy to him, he struggles to break through.

For example, Boruto still greatly struggles with his Byakugan, something innate to his Hyuga half. Conversely, he's very clever with his shadow clones and can intelligently adapt when Kama and Dojun come out. Though a powerful young genin, the abilities people would expect him to know are a little uneven.

14 They Already Finished More Than Half The Confirmed Missions Of The Old Team 7

Naruto's Team 7 was a group of impressive young ninja, but they didn't get much time as an actual team. After all, they only did 16 confirmed missions throughout the series. Though the show may not have shown all their work, and they certainly had a lot of disbanding road blocks, it's still an incredibly low number.

By comparison, Boruto's three-man team can already completed 9 missions, more than half of Team Kakashi's amount. Fans have had more time to bond with the team and characters as a group, meaning that any danger looming on the horizon will make even more impact. In a world of danger and ninja, it's better they are more prepared for the inevitable incoming evil. Granted, this new trio didn't have betrayal, years of training, or wars get in their way -- at least, not yet.

13 They Initially Hated Being A Team

When Sarada and Boruto meet for the first time at school, they already are at odds. Boruto just crushed the Hokage rock, something Sarada respects and honors. After all, one day she wants to be Hokage herself. Meanwhile, Boruto hates the position since his father hasn't been the greatest dad while holding it.

While they butted heads, it wasn't a very big deal. They were only classmates then. However, problems arose when Shino placed them on Team Konohamaru. Both genin hated this. Furthermore, they were willing to break into the Hokage's office to convince Naruto to change it. It took this grand heist for the pair to realize they could make a good team, but until then, they despised one another.

12 Sarada Is The First Main Female Character Who Wants To Be Hokage

Sarada Using Her Sharingan In Boruto

Both series had characters dazzled by the Kages. They were impressive, powerful leaders of the villages. However, most of those characters who dreamed of leading were guys. In particular, despite interest in other villages, no women in Konoha seemed all that interested in being Hokage. Furthermore, even Tsunade, who became the Fifth Hokage and the first femalr leader of Konoha, was terribly reluctant.

Then comes the next generation and the tenacious Sarada Uchiha. Her main objective in life is to become Hokage and lead the people admirably. Unlike the last Hokage dreamer fans followed, Naruto, she's book smart and a heavy hitter. She also very deliberately practices selflessness and leadership. She's setting herself up for greatness.

11 The New Team 7 Works Better Together

In the beginning of Naruto when the three-man teams were formed, there was already discord between Sasuke and Naruto. The knuckleheaded ninja didn't like people treating him like he was weak, and Sasuke was the strongest in the class. Of course there would be friction. This only worsened, though, with Sakura. Sakura disliked Naruto and treated him poorly, but adored Sasuke. Then Sasuke turned around and treated her poorly, in turn. The original Team 7 trio was a mess, to say the least.

While Sarada and Boruto disagree, they quickly and clearly see the potential of their teamwork. Furthermore, before this, both ninja got along fine with the amicable Mitsuki. The team didn't have weird feelings to sort through. Instead, they could just focus on becoming the best ninja team they could be.

10 Konohamaru Will Likely Be Hokage One Day

Konohamaru And Naruto

While the Hokage is chosen as the strongest ninja to lead the village, there's a fair point to make for the position's nepotism. Each Hokage has always been connected closely with previous ones. Some of that is explained by powerful ninja creating stronger students, but it's still quite a coincidence. All previous Hokage have been family or students of previous leaders.

By rules of Hokage nepotism and powerful bloodlines, it's only a matter of time until the dedicated Konohamaru becomes Hokage. After all, not only is he the Third Hokage's grandson and Naruto's old protégée, but he's from the powerful Sarutobi bloodline. Also, he's simply an impressive ninja in his own right. The icing on the cake is Konohamaru's goal to become Hokage. With strong conviction and the bloodline, connections, and power to back it up, he might just become the next leader.

9 Sarada And Boruto Are Distantly Related

Asura Otsutsuki in Naruto

Overall, technically all ninja families are related. They did all come from Kaguya's children, after all. However, there are three clans that claim more direct descendance: the Senju, Uzumaki, and Uchiha clans. The Senju and Uzumaki clans are progeny of Asura Otsutsuki and the Uchiha are from Indra Otsutsuki. These two men are the grandsons of Kaguya, making them some of the strongest ninja to ever exist.

Though this relation is still thousands of years apart and hardly means their genetics are very similar, it does explain the power Sarada and Boruto both hold. They are children of very powerful bloodlines, and their team is only stronger because of them. It's a good thing their blood relation is so distant, too, because it definitely would make some of their interactions much more awkward.

8 Their Goals Intertwine

One of the biggest flaws of Team 7, and the reason why their team disbanded, was their clashing goals. After all, Sasuke's only goal in life was to slay his brother, Itachi. When he saw an opportunity to reach his goal faster, he took it. It didn't matter if it put his friends in a terrible position and ruined their team -- his goals came first.

The new Team 7, however, all have goals that work together. Sarada wants to be Hokage, Boruto wants to find his own ninja way, not his father's, and Mitsuki wants to become a good ninja, regardless of his parent's machinations. With Sarada in the lead and the team supporting each other, they all help each other toward their respective goals. Boruto said he'd be Sarada's Sasuke. Mitsuki has examples to lead him towards goodness. Meanwhile, Sarada already has supporters.

7 Sarada Has A Crush On Boruto

Boruto hasn't pushed crushes as aggressively as Naruto did, but they're still there. Sumire has a boy crushing on her early on, the kids talk about crushes, and over time, one cute little Uchiha seems to have a thing for one stubborn Uzumaki -- and no, not the Hokage.

Though Sarada and Boruto didn't initially get along, they quickly understood how well they meshed when they became a team. As the new Team 7, they started to bond and understand one another. Then Boruto said that he'd support Sarada as Hokage and do missions outside Konoha for her. Ironically, this is very similar to the relationship their fathers have. Since then, Sarada has done a bit of blushing and had a few tender moments with Boruto. While they're still kids and it's not that big of a deal, it's an adorable progression.

6 The Old Team 7 Has Connections With All Members

The next generation ninja of Boruto are unique, fascinating, and dealing with new problems in their world. The tenacious Team 7, with Sarada, Boruto, and Mitsuki, and lead by Konohamaru, is always at the thick of this. Though Team 7's tales are evolving and special, its ties to Naruto's previous generation are undeniable.

Boruto is the son of the beloved Hokage, Naruto, and his calm, collected wife Hinata. Sarada is the daughter of the strong medical-nin, Sakura, and her mysterious, loner husband Sasuke. Mitsuki is the child of the nefarious Orochimaru and Konohamaru is the grandson of the Third Hokage and Naruto's old protégée. All of the series' main characters have serious ties to the heroes fans rooted for when Naruto started.

5 Konohamaru And Sarada Are "Rivals"

Konohamaru Naruto

Sarada isn't the only person on Team 7 who wants the coveted role of Hokage. Konohamaru, their dedicated teacher, also hopes one day to lead Konoha. After all, that's been his dream since he stormed into his grandfather's office to challenge him in the early episodes of Naruto. Konohamaru has always wanted to get a chance to honor his family and Konoha.

Because of this, Konohamaru has joked that the two of them are technically rivals -- and he's not wrong. However, unlike the last series where being rivals was a serious, dangerous endeavor, it's taken pretty lightly here. This is probably because Sarada and Konohamaru are different ages. Naruto could step down, then Konohamaru could take office have a decent tenure, and be ready to step down all before Sarada reaches a proper age.

4 Mitsuki's Genetics Make Him Unpredictable

Unlike most children, Mitsuki wasn't born -- he was created. Orochimaru, at some point, decided he wanted to father children and decided to figure out a way to create them. If he had ulterior motives, they are unknown thus far. However, that doesn't stop Mitsuki's genetics from being a bit of a mystery as he evolves and grows up.

After all, with power based so much on bloodlines, no one knows how powerful a refined clone might become. Orochimaru could have figured out how to distill strength and Mitsuki could end up being the strongest ninja ever to exist. He can already reach Sage mode, so who knows what else he could be capable of? For now, he's just a kid, but in the future, he's an unpredictable wild card.

3 Team 7 Technically Failed Their First High Rank Mission

Boruto Team 7 Konohamoru Sarada Boruto and Mitsuki

Boruto's hereditary recklessness was always bound to cause some trouble. However, his good heart makes up for it. When thugs abduct his friend, Boruto abandons Team 7's first B-Rank mission. Instead of accepting his bow out, though, his teammates vow to help him save him friend. The group beats up a bunch of thugs and saves an important young man, but they do fail their mission.

They don't get too much reprehending, however, because they did it for the sake of good. Their ninja rank is effected, though, and the best they get is that their good deeds taken into consideration. Early on, Team 7 shows that it wants to do good things. Meanwhile, the shinobi are still very married to protocol. This brings up early discord between the heroes' actions and the system they live in.

2 They All Have Complicated Relationships With Their Fathers

Boruto and Naruto Out For Ramen

Team 7 doesn't exactly have the best track record with family. Old Team 7 had two orphans and a girl with absentee parents, and the next generation isn't much better. None of them are orphans, but all three have terrible daddy issues.

Sarada has to deal with Sasuke constantly leaving town and basically abandoning her, even if it is for "good reasons." Naruto is practically negligent, living in town but always choosing arbitrary Hokage duties over being with his family. The guy could have at least tried harder to make it to his own daughter's birthday. Then there's Mitsuki. Orochimaru is generally kind and respectful to Mitsuki. Of course, that's excusing the fact that he might just have raised him as either a new vessel for himself or for some other terrible, criminal purpose.

1 Konohamaru Almost Disbanded The New Team 7

Before the whole village knew of Mitsuki's origins, he had to sneak off when his father beckoned. Once, though, it caused a lot of trouble when he left town entirely, deserting his duties as a genin. The village sent search parties, and Sarada and Boruto even joined in. When it's revealed to the village that Mitsuki is Orochimaru's son, everyone wasn't happy. In fact, some thought that they should punish Mitsuki's crimes.

It's even harder for Konohamaru, whose grandfather was slain by Orochimaru. At first he's very upset, torn between his hatred of Orochimaru and his student/teacher relationship with Mitsuki. He almost heads out and brings Mitsuki to depend himself. Ultimately, though, despite the village's outrage and Konohamaru's conflict, Boruto and Sarada bring Mitsuki back and allow him to return to Team 7 and his Konoha life.


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