• 10 Boruto Characters Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 12 Who Are Way Stronger)

    The stories of Naruto and Boruto Uzamaki have become a vital piece of the Western anime movement, and have beloved by fans world-wide. Naruto's journey to becoming Hokage ended in 2017, after 15 years of adventures.

    Afterwards, storytellers and animators were quick to jump back on the horse. Premiering later the same year was Boruto, an anime about Naruto's son.

    Like Naruto, Boruto has swiftly worked its way into the heart of American fans.

    There are endless things to talk about between the two shows. One of the most important and interesting is the power of its characters.

    Naruto spent all of the last series proving his worth as a great hero and as a candidate for Hokage. Now, its Boruto's turn to step up to the plate-- and not only the title character, but also his friends and colleagues, too.

    As we watch all of the characters of Boruto interact, compete, and fight for the greater good, it's interesting to wonder: how strong are they?

    Surprisingly, some of them may be very different than you expected.

    With that said, here are the 10 Boruto Characters Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 12 Who Are Way Stronger).

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  • 23 / 23
    Stronger: Mirai Sarutobi 

    Mirai is a ninja who viewers met in the initial Naruto anime series. She was trained by Shikamaru Nara. In Boruto, she has become a mentor and sister-like figure to his son, Shikadai.

    While Mirai has no flashy abilities, her close-range combat is impeccable.

    Not only is she able to take on two of the strongest up and coming ninja, Boruto and Sarada, but Mirai is also regularly tasked with protecting the Sixth and Seventh Hokage.

    Her ability to take on several opponents and her skill in physical combat make her a formidable ninja, which is more than anyone might expect of her.

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  • 22 / 23
    Weaker: Chocho Akimichi

    As the daughter of swordsman Karui and strongman Choji, Chocho is powerful and able to master many of the abilities of her father's clan.

    Chocho can grow much larger, can throw impactful punches, and can employ her father's iconic combo: Multi-Size Attack and Human Bullet Tank.

    However, members of the Akimichi clan depend on transforming their calories into chakra.

    It doesn't matter how powerful she is. Decrease her availability to food and Chocho quickly becomes much weaker.

    This can be a great weakness on long missions.

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  • 21 / 23
    Stronger: Hinata Hyuga
    Hinata Uses Byakugan In Boruto

    As the wife of Naruto and mother of Boruto, Hinata deserves a medal simply for dealing with the two of them.

    However, Hinata is even stronger because of her powers over perception and chakra.

    While not a heavy-hitter, Hinata's utilitarian uses are invaluable in a fight. Her abilities of perception are due to her Byakugan.

    Her Byakugan is a vision ability that allows her to see nearly 360 degrees around her. This gives endlessly helpful information to her allies about enemy positions.

    Also, her power over chakra can easily help shut down the chakra of others or replenish the chakra of others quickly and effectively.

    She may seem like a quiet, kind mother, but she can be pretty powerful in a fight.

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  • 20 / 23
    Weaker: Wasabi Izuno

    Wasabi has some fascinating abilities, especially her Cat Covering and her incredible speed. She has several severe weak points in her powers, though.

    To start, Cat Covering takes up a lot of chakra, so she can only do it for a short period of time.

    Also, the power relies on the use of a scroll. As scrolls are items, they're breakable. Wasabi will become acutely vulnerable to attacks if the scroll is destroyed.

    Similarly, her speed can only get her so far, as anyone with slowing abilities can make her less effective.

    Wasabi is dedicated and strong, but she has a lot of points of vulnerability that weaken her.

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  • 19 / 23
    Stronger: Iwabee Yuino

    Iwabee is already at the top of his class, but the young ninja could prove to be even stronger than he seems.

    Iwabee has spent all of his life up until Boruto being lazy and purely skating by. His raw strength, skill aptitude, and Earth abilities weren't things that he worked that hard at. He was already just good at them.

    Only Boruto was able to change his mind to start working harder. Afterwards, Iwabee began to take school-- and life-- more seriously.

    If Iwabee can be the top fighter without trying, its insane to imagine how strong he could become if he put some effort in.

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  • 18 / 23
    Weaker: Shino Aburame

    Shino Aburame is by no means a weak man. As a dedicated teacher and protector of the people, he has a lot going for him.

    His insect abilities are impressive. However, Shino's greatest character trait is also what makes him a weaker fighter.

    Shino's fierce focus on protecting others can lead him to underutilizing his strong powers and not contributing in fights that he could dominate.

    While an admirable man, Shino's own battle flaw is his stark heroism. Also, of course, his bugs being set on fire could definitely be a problem for him.

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  • 17 / 23
    Stronger: Magire Kakuremino

    Since he was written as an awkward, creepy stalker, most fans probably don't think much of Magire.

    However, used well, his powers could be magnificent in team missions. Magire's stealth abilities fooled even the highly perceptive Shino. His sleight of hand is nigh unnoticeable.

    While not an intimidating fighter on his own, his powers could be of great use for covert missions.

    Magire could truly change a situation by secretly taking out enemies, silently taking key information or items, or taking foes by surprise.

    He could use this strength to make stealth missions even easier. 

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  • 16 / 23
    Weaker: Shinki

    The adoptive son of Gaara is a powerful ninja to watch, despite his arrogance. The problem is that the second he gets out of an academic setting, he will be much weaker than before.

    Shinki is insulated at school by knowing others' powers and having amicable combatants.

    His arrogance could cost him gravely, though, out in the real world. His constant underestimation and dismissal of people he deems weaker can be dangerous. It could give a powerful, deceptive future foe an advantage over him.

    Shinki may be strong, but his arrogance is a weakness that he must overcome-- especially if he doesn't want to doom himself.

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  • 15 / 23
    Stronger: Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke has always been strong. However, there was always a conflict in him-- a darkness and an anger-- that fought against him and made him weaker.

    Now a grown man, that conflict in Sasuke isn't gone, but it's resolute.

    He is often away on long missions, but he is centered by his love for his family and his dedication to redeeming himself.

    Strong enough to gain the respect of and train the boisterous Boruto, Sasuke is a man bettered by his hardships. Wise and at peace, Sasuke is truly stronger than ever before.

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  • 14 / 23
    Weaker: Sarada Uchiha

    The powers of the Uchiha clan are nothing to sneeze at. Because of them, Sarada Uchiha is very strong at face value.

    She gained her Sharingan quite early and has inherited great aptitude and strength.

    The Sharingan is a Uhciha clan power that allows the user to views others' chakra, copy moves, and use forms of hypnotism. 

    Sarada does have problematic weaknesses, however.

    It took her over a year to evolve her Sharingan to level 3, while others evolved much quicker, and she can get fatigued quite easily from her low chakra reserves.

    She may be brilliant and naturally gifted, but Sarada still has a lot to work on.

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  • 13 / 23
    Stronger: Namida Suzemeno

    Fear combined with raw strength should never be underestimated. While Namida is a chronic scaredy-cat, her sonic wave abilities are wildly impressive.

    With one scream, she can knock out most all opponents and allies around her. This kind of power could be an easy way to diffuse a bad situation.

    Namida may currently be uncertain and fearful, but she could be a force to be reckoned with.

    If she put more work into controlling her power and being brave, she could knock out everyone in her way. Namida could be an invaluable ally as she grows into a stronger ninja.

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  • 12 / 23
    Weaker: Yodo

    Already seen as one of the weaker ninja, Yodo is even weaker than one might think. Her powers include acute hearing, powerful hair, and the nimble limbs of a contortionist.

    However, her weaknesses are too glaring. Also, she doesn't have the ability to defend them.

    Take out her hearing or overload it, and her greatest strength is lost.

    Anyone with immobility powers can ruin her if they catch her. Yodo isn't useless, she just isn't a hard-hitter.

    As a slippery distraction or scout in a team, Yodo could do fine. On her own, though, she is objectively one of the weaker ninja.

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  • 11 / 23
    Stronger: Sumire Kakei

    Sumire is known as a relatively strong ninja, but her abilities of cunning and manipulation make her even stronger.

    She is already impactful in her water release powers. Several illusion, defense, and projectile abilities are at the core of her fighting style.

    Sumire is also an able physical fighter, as she is nimble and evasive in a battle.

    She can fight or flight her way out of a lot of conflicts.

    However, her ability to manipulate and deceive those around her does give the young girl an additional edge. This kind of edge makes her a formidable, opposing force. 

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  • 10 / 23
    Weaker: Sakura Hurano 

    No one would ever quite call Sakura weak, especially because it would probably incur her rage. However, as Boruto has progressed, Sakura has become much less of the fiery warrior she once was.

    Her formidable strength is hardly shown in the series. One of the only times it is used happens when she destroys her own home because her daughter Sarada questions her parentage.

    As the other ninja of her age have grown, many have become stronger and better. Sakura, however, seems to have stalemated, even if she is a generally good mother.

    She is not useless per se, but she is definitely weaker than the powerhouse persona she once presented.

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  • 9 / 23
    Stronger: Himiwari Uzamaki

    As the second child of Naruto Uzamaki, Himiwari is hardly a weakling. Himiwari shows off her strength in Boruto by knocking her own father unconscious at the ripe age of 3.

    The young girl is often only seen with her mother, being small, cute, and caring. She holds quite a temper, though, and can clearly pack a punch.

    Based on her youthful strength, Himiwari might become stronger than both her father and her brother as she ages.

    After all, there's not many people who can knock the Seventh Hokage off his feet so easily.

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  • 8 / 23
    Weaker: Denki Kaminarimon

    Denki is an oddity of a character. While a member of the main cast and close to Boruto, he's not that great as a solo ninja.

    He has abilities with computers, great intelligence, and the ability to perform supporting powers. However, he doesn't pose much of a powerful force alone.

    He shows promise at times within the show, but each time he begins to get better, he never seems to shine.

    Denki will always be a great friend to Boruto. However, this doesn't mean that he'll become much more than a mediocre ninja. 

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  • 7 / 23
    Stronger: Mitsuki

    Mitsuki is easily one of the most strange and fascinating characters in the show. As a synthetic human, his future holds boundless opportunities.

    Fans truly have no clue about the future limits of his power, his mortality, or his ability to change and grow.

    At the moment, Mitsuki is already a very talented ninja, with high chakra levels, summoning abilities, lightening release, sage transformation, and more. However, what makes him even stronger than expected is that he could become even more.

    The unique nature of his existence throws an other-worldly wrench in the system. Mitsuki could eventually grow to be much stronger than anyone else and there's even a possibility that he could live forever.

    This is especially a possibility because he was created by Orichimaru, a man with immortality.

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  • 6 / 23
    Weaker: Inojin Yamanaka

    While born to strong parents and with strange, powerful abilities, Inojin is not as powerful as he could be.

    The young ninja is restricted by needing to use scrolls and his own imagination. While, in theory, his power could be limitless, what he does with it seems very limited.

    Inojin commonly only draws Super Beast, a pink dog creature, as his fighting companion.

    His power seems weaker than it should be because of what he does with it.

    However, he could one day be far more powerful. Only time will tell what Imojin becomes. 

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  • 5 / 23
    Stronger: Araya

    Araya is one of the most fascinating ninja on this list.

    While stage-anxious like Metal Lee, Araya overcomes that fear and uses his abilities effectively by controlling a puppet in battle.

    That way, not only does he avoid his discomfort, but he also insulates himself further away from the heat of battle.

    It's a defense/offense style of battle that could serve him very well in the future. After graduation, Araya could easily become one of the strongest field ninja, accomplishing tasks without ever putting himself anywhere near danger.

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  • 4 / 23
    Weaker: Yurui

    Perhaps one of the easiest choices, Yurui is a character who blows bubbles as his main power. The young ninja carries dual swords with him and the bubbles can restrict or entrap opponents.

    However, clever evasion can quickly be a detriment to Yurui's fighting style.

    Also, he creates his bubbles with his bubblegum. Without bubble gum, his whole strategy falls apart before it even begins.

    Yurui is unique and fascinating, but fairly weak in comparison to his peers. Like many other weaker fighters, he'd probably do best in a team setting than on his own.

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  • 3 / 23
    Stronger: Shikamaru/Shikadai Nara

    One that will least surprise fans is Shikamaru and his son, Shikadai. What the father and son lack in raw power, they more than makes up for in sheer tactical brilliance.

    Its fair to put the two together because they are deceptively strong for the same reason.

    Their abilities don't lie in sheer force and power, like Naruto or Boruto, but they know how to read a fight better than anyone else.

    Shikadai told Boruto after fighting in the exams that he had a dozen planned countermeasures to Boruto's signature moves. The father son duo are an unexpectedly formidable pair.

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  • 2 / 23
    Weaker: Naruto Uzamaki

    Naruto, the Hokage who started it all, is still undoubtedly one of the strongest ninja in the world.

    However, he lacks severely in something that fans might never expect: fatherhood.

    As an orphan himself, Naruto should be there for his kids-- especially since his parents weren't able to be. Instead, Naruto is noticeably absent from his children's lives.

    This is most apparent at his daughter's birthday, which he sends a shadow clone to instead of showing up, unbeknownst to his family. His absence is only discovered when they pass Himiwari's cake to him and it falls right through.

    His children are inevitably going to be two of the strongest beings in the world. He should take more responsibility in their lives for that reason alone.

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  • 1 / 23
    Stronger: Metal Lee

    Like his father, Metal Lee has an indomitable spirit and great strength. He is also highly intelligent, with great endurance and stamina.

    Metal is able to deliberately find and attack from blind-spots, pummel rocks with his fists, and keep up with his father's strict training.

    His greatest downfall is his social anxiety. Metal Lee struggles to move while being watched, as his stage-fright makes him uncomfortable.

    The insecurities that come with his anxiety hold him back from being the best ninja he can be. Overcoming these could turn a strong, well-rounded Metal Lee into a man of steel.


    Can you think of any other Boruto characters who are stronger or weaker than we realize? Let us know in the comments!

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