Boruto Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Boruto features a number of well-written characters. It would be interesting to see which Hogwarts House they would fit in to.

The Naruto world expanded with the sequel series Boruto. Boruto follows a whole new generation of shinobi as they deal with new threats to their way of life. Wizards and schools for magic don’t exist in Boruto, despite their fighting styles being pretty magical themselves. If magic did exist, some of the characters might find themselves attending Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. To do that, the students would need to don the Sorting Hat and find out just which of the school’s four Houses they belonged to.

For those who need a refresher on which Hogwarts houses correspond to which personality traits, we’ve got you covered. Kids sorted into Gryffindor are those motivated by bravery and their own sense of morality. Those sorted into Ravenclaw are motivated by their own curiosity about the world around them, and love to learn new things. A Hufflepuff is loyal, hardworking, and all about fairness. Those who wind up in Slytherin prize ambition above all else and will do anything to achieve their goals. Boruto’s generation loves a good Slytherin.

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10 Sarada: Slytherin

Though her ability to memorize curriculum and her love for large books make Sarada appear like a fit for Ravenclaw, she’s definitely more suited to Slytherin.

Sarada sets lofty goals for herself. She wanted to find out the truth about her father, so she intercepted the village leader to make it happen. When she wanted to prevent trouble amongst classmates, she stalked them to make sure they didn’t do anything stupid. Her biggest goal is to become the Kage of Konohagakure herself. She likely won’t let anything get in her way.

9 Shikadai: Ravenclaw

Like his father before him, Shikadai Nara is someone who loves the world to be neat and logical. Puzzles and games are where he excels. That quick mind certainly makes him a Ravenclaw.

To be fair, this stage of the Boruto series hasn’t placed quite as much of a focus on Shikadai as the Naruto series placed on his father. So far, we know they both have that same love of shogi and are quick to suss out the answers to logical problems that their peers can’t. That’s enough to sort Shikadai into Ravenclaw for the time being, but he could prove himself more of a Hermione with an intense bravery that makes him suited to Gryffindor by the time the series ends.

8 Inojin: Hufflepuff

The Boruto series hasn’t spent a lot of time with Inojin. His biggest storyline in the anime involved him having difficulty using his inherited abilities. That being said, what we do know is that he’s a fiercely loyal friend who doesn’t give up.

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When faced with the possibility of not being good at bringing drawings to life, Inojin was frustrated. While he became jealous of others who tried to help him, he never completely gave up on working out the problem. He also didn’t shut out those who made him jealous. That commitment has us sorting him into Hufflepuff. 

7 Chocho: Slytherin

Chocho Boruto Series Slytherin

When Chocho saw an opportunity to ingratiate herself to an actor, she took it, even at the expense of her own power and health. Chocho didn’t care what she had to sacrifice to get the attention and time of someone she was interested in. While she eventually realized how shallow that was - especially weakening herself using her size-changing jutsu in normal life - that mindset remains for her. Chocho will set aside everything to get what she wants, just like a true Slytherin.

6 Mitsuki: Ravenclaw

Mitsuki Boruto Series Ravenclaw

Due to having a sheltered childhood with Orochimaru, Mitsuki has an intense curiosity about the world around him, specifically human nature. Mitsuki loves learning about people and what makes them tick, showing a particular interest in Boruto and his friend group. He also absorbs knowledge like a sponge, easily picking up on new shinobi techniques.

5 Denki: Hufflepuff

Denki Boruto Series Hufflepuff

During his Academy days, Denki worked harder than the rest of his classmates to learn shinobi skills. They didn’t come quite as naturally to him as they did for a lot of his peers. He didn’t, after all, inherit any prestigious family jutsu. Denki also nearly gave up on being a shinobi because of his loyalty to his family. His parents thought he could do better work elsewhere. Luckily, talks with his friends changed Denki’s mind.

4 Iwabee: Gryffindor

Iwabee Boruto Series Gryffindor

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As it turned out, Iwabee wasn’t intentionally hostile. He was just angry that he couldn’t put his skills to use right away making the village a safer place. All he wants is to be a great shinobi and do his duty. Brave and just, but also loving a little hero worshipping, Iwabee is a perfect fit for Gryffindor.

3 Sumire: Slytherin

Sumire Boruto Series Slytherin

Following her graduation from the Academy, Sumire went into scientific research. Now, that might make her seem like a Ravenclaw. In truth, her keen mind is often used to manipulate events to her advantage. Like Sarada and Chocho, when Sumire sees what she wants, she makes a goal, and she goes after it. She’s more likely to use manipulation to do it though.

2 Konohamaru: Gryffindor

Konohamaru Boruto Series Gryffindor

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Konohamaru has a very strict idea of right and wrong. Loyal to his village, he grew up in the Naruto series as a bit of a troublemaker, but always ready to help. As an adult, he’s grown into a powerful shinobi training the next generation for Boruto. His Gryffindor traits means he sometimes butts heads with his Ravenclaw (Mitsuki) and Slytherin (Sarada and Boruto) students.

1 Boruto: Slytherin

Boruto Slytherin

Boruto doesn’t want to be the most powerful shinobi in the world, and he certainly doesn’t want to run his home village of Konohagakure. He still sorts into Slytherin though because his goal is to be the man in the shadows keeping things running smoothly and protecting the people with the real power. His competitive nature means he’ll do anything to get there - and get approval from his peers. Cheating during competitions and exams proves that.

Did our sorting hat place these Boruto characters into their correct Hogwarts houses? If not, let us know.

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