All A Bored Disney’s 'A Christmas Carol' Train Tour

Car five has an interesting software program that you can use to take your picture and then have it morphed into one of the characters from the movie. Sounds fun but it didn't work properly for us or the people around us. You put in an email address and your picture gets uploaded to Wal-mart. When it's ready they will email you a link where you can download the picture for free. It's a nice gesture but the experience was more hassle than it's worth and everyone's picture ended up looking like something Picasso would have painted it he were blind and strung out on acid.

The last car has a fake fireplace with a fake fire in it, all spice in is the air and a fake turkey dinner in on the table. A girl hands you some more Disney propaganda marketing materials and out the door you head but your trip isn't over yet. Outside of the train they have a giant inflatable movie theater with more lines!

It's actually a portable 3D Digital theater and has Dolby surround sound - it's presented in 3-D with glasses and everything. Unfortunately, there isn't much more shown that you haven't already seen in the trailer or clips. There is one new scene between Scrooge and Fred which was pretty good but to be honest, everything from the film involved screaming. Scrooge yells at Fred, Fred yells back, then Scrooge yells at the ghosts and yells as he is transported from his home then yells some more at the people on the street. The scenes with the ghosts, while intensely beautiful in CGI, were very scary for my seven year old and three year old children - the same observations from what Screen Ranter Rob Keyes saw at San Diego Comic-Con.

Bottom line, this isn't a kid's movie and this wasn't a kid's train experience. It's been marketed as such and I think parents will be very disappointed when they have to leave halfway through the film because their children no longer want to be there. To quote my daughter as we walked out of the exit "Dad, that was boring. Can we go play at a park now?" If Disney wants this movie not blow up in their face, then they need to quickly change gears in how they market it.

Well, that was my A Christmas Carol train experience. The train was interesting for adults but not so much for kids but, I at least had fun hanging out with my kids. The whole experience took me 4 hours of my day and if you decide to go, then you should expect to spend at least that much time there.

A Christmas Carol is directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman and Robin Wright Penn. It opens in IMAX and theaters everywhere November 6th, 2009.

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