All A Bored Disney’s 'A Christmas Carol' Train Tour

To help pass the time, just like in the parks, Disney had music pumping through the station speakers, a couple of places near the beginning and end of the line have HDTVs playing movie information and the trailer. Also, there were four Christmas carolers strolling through the line singing as they go. Unfortunately, they would sing mostly in front of the train engines and unless you were three inches from their mouths, you couldn't hear them. That didn't stop me from getting in the mix though.

The one thing I noticed in this line, as in most lines at Disney, where plenty of friendly people in front and behind me to chat with, and lots of kids on dad's shoulders. One thing that would have made this more of an authentic Disney experience would have been a vendor selling turkey legs and balloons outside of the line.

The other thing I noticed was the over-abundance of seniors. Maybe it's because I'm in the retirement state of Florida? Anyway, the people were nice enough to pose for a photo for me.

Two hours, several kids' complaints and a few juice boxes later, we enter the train. Oh what wonders await us inside the fantastic movie vehicle? Well, I wasn't permitted to take photos in most of the cars but I did manage to get a few near the end where photography was permitted. The first car is filled with portraits of Jim Carrey (Ebenezer Scrooge), Gary Oldman (Bob Cratchit) and Colin Firth (Fred) as their movie counterparts. The ones of Scrooge as a young boy and teen were particularly impressive.

Car number two contained fourteen HDTVs all serving as digital picture frames switching back and forth between concept art and the same scene in CGI format from the movie. It was rather interesting to see what the artist envisioned and how the digital painters brought it to life.

In car three we had about fifty monitors running along both sides, with each showing a different phase of the motion capture (mo-cap) performance, starting with the actors themselves and ending with the finished product at the end.

Jim Carrey stars as seven different characters in the movie, with Gary Oldman and Colin Firth co-starring all via the magic of mo-cap. If you are not familiar with the technology, the actors put on funky looking black suits covered in white orbs that special cameras track as the actors move around. The cameras upload their information to "Central Command" where forty five people process it live and store it on over 300 Terabytes of drive space! It's quite an impressive ordeal and you can see a picture of the suit in the photos below from inside car four.

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