Borderlands 3 Trailer Teases Return of Fan Favorites

Borderlands 3 high five scene

The reveal of Borderlands 3 appears to be imminent thanks to a new teaser trailer released by developer Gearbox Studios. The trailer, called "Mask of Mayhem", gives several glimpses at new heroes and classic Borderlands trailer action, but the biggest hint that it's likely the teaser for a sequel is the return of several fan favorite characters throughout the video.

Borderlands 3 has been teased for quite some time now, with an announcement at PAX East seeming likely ever since Gearbox tweeted out a not-so-subtle image filled with references to the number three alongside a road sign for Boston, the location of the convention. Gearbox has a presentation scheduled for tomorrow, March 28, at 2pm EST, and it's unlikely the studio would release a Borderlands trailer for anything but a fully-fledged sequel when its conference will have a starring role in a major industry event.

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The new Borderlands 3 trailer was revealed earlier today and focuses on a complex and frankly gorgeous display of character models built up like a shrine. The trailer opens on what appears to be the new villains in the game, based on their Hyperion-esque gear and Handsome Jack vibes. We also get a glimpse at some new character models that look like they'll be the protagonists of the new game, including a robot wearing a cloak that could easily be a show-stealer based on its cyberpunk aesthetic alone. The main takeaway from the trailer, though, is the return of several major Borderlands stars, such as Brick, Mordecai, and a grown-up Tiny Tina.

The trailer pans to Brick, Mordecai, and Tiny Tina mid-high-five, and it's a welcome sight for those who love the Borderlands narrative: Brick is one of the funnier characters in a game filled with entertaining personalities, Mordecai featured in one of the most emotional Borderlands 2 quests and became a fan favorite as a result, and Tiny Tina got her own expansion DLC because of how much fans loved her. The latter appears to have grown quite a bit between Borderlands 2 and the Borderlands 3 trailer, too, although she's still rocking her trademark bunny ears.

A few other characters make their return in the trailer, including Lilith, Handsome Jack (at least, his mask), Ellie, Moxxi, and Sir Hammerlock. Clearly, Borderlands 3 will not be shy about bringing back many of the role players who fleshed out an engaging, fun Borderlands 2 environment. The Borderlands 3 trailer also hinted at a few new gameplay design elements, including flying cars, hoverboards, and even a hidden morse code element that tells viewers to "count the Sirens", the powerful 'magic' users of the Borderlands universe.

There's a lot to unpack in the new Borderlands 3 trailer, but all of it points to a very compelling first look at the long-awaited sequel to the franchise. Fans certainly won't have to wait long to find out, since Gearbox will be taking the PAX East stage in just over 24 hours, but we're sure there will be heavy speculation in the interim. Borderlands is a series that has made its name on ridiculousness, and this trailer is fairly tame by comparison - there's sure to be something much wilder and flashy in store, and we'd bank all of our Hyperion Credit on it happening tomorrow.

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Source: Gearbox Official

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