Borderlands 3 Revealed at PAX East 2019, Will Have One Billion Guns

Gearbox Studios finally announces Borderlands 3 after what many would call an unnecessarily long presentation, revealing a one billion gun game.

Borderlands 3

Gearbox Studios finally announced Borderlands 3 at PAX East 2019 after a month of teases and a trailer that indicated it would be coming shortly, and over one billion guns will be included. The studio capped a one hour presentation with the reveal of an official trailer for the new game.

Borderlands 3 was first teased with a tweet that heavily indicated the game would be heading to PAX East, with a sign that indicated a Boston destination and a number of references to 'three' present within the announcement. Yesterday, the game was hinted at again, this time with a brand new Borderlands 3 trailer that seemed to all but confirm the existence of the title. Finally, Gearbox Studios took to the PAX East stage and made it official.

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Borderlands 3 was announced with a trailer that features both gameplay and story elements. It showcases what appears to be a team of four entirely new Vault Hunters, two new villains who appear to be riffs on Handsome Jack in appearance, and a number of locations on Pandora that are famous, alongside some that are new. The game features vehicle combat, the same over-the-top guns and powers that have made it famous, and the return of several characters that fans adore, including Brick, Tiny Tina, Ellie, and the Sirens.

The trailer also unveiled a number of new enemies, ranging from fire-breathing dinosaurs to mechs that look like a cross between the shredders of Warcraft and Gundam suits. In classic Borderlands style, the trailer also features Brick hitting a saxophone solo for no other reason than the fact that he can. Hyperion seems to be heavily involved in the story, as evidenced by the villains' uniforms, and the game will also feature a frankly absurd number of guns: one billion, to be exact, including some that walk on their own.

What the presentation didn't unveil was the release date for Borderlands 3, although the description of the video on YouTube suggests that fans should check back for more info on April 3, 2019. That's only less than a week away, and Gearbox head Randy Pitchford stated that the team had been working on Borderlands 3 for five years. Given that information, it would be no surprise if the game was ready for release later this year, although we'll have to wait and see. Until then, fans of the series will be ecstatic to know that a return to the world of Pandora - and all the ridiculousness present there - is coming soon.

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Source: Gearbox Official

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