Borderlands 3 Trailer Revealed At E3 & New Borderlands 2 DLC Available Now For Free

Borderlands 3 Cover

A new trailer for Borderlands 3 was shown during the Microsoft conference at E3 2019, which also confirmed that the rumored new DLC adventure for Borderlands 2 is real and that it's coming to the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection version of the game today.

The new DLC content for Borderlands 2 is called Commander Lilith & The Fight For Sanctuary and it will tie into the events of Borderlands 3. The fact that the new DLC requires the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection version of the game is relevant, as that game is coming to Xbox Game Pass today, with the PC version of the service currently running an introductory deal of only costing a dollar for the first month. The introductory deal also applies to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, for those who don't have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is also one of the free games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in June.

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The new trailer for Borderlands 3 (courtesy of Gamespot) is narrated by Lilith and shows the new cast of playable characters fighting off hordes of enemies, as well as giving more information about the Children of the Vault - a crazed cult with billions of followers which are led by the evil Calypso siblings. The new characters include a Siren named Amara who can create arms made of psychic energy, a Soldier named Moze who can summon a mech into battle, a Beastmaster named FL4K who can call on alien animals to fight for him, and an Operative named Zane who can deceive his enemies with holograms.

The announcement of Borderlands 3 and other reveals about the game have been overshadowed by the controversies surrounding Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford, with much of the discourse about Borderlands 3 talking about behind-the-scenes drama. It's fortunate that Borderlands 3 made such a good showing at Microsoft's E3 event, as Screen Rant had a chance to preview the game recently and Borderlands 3 is promising to ramp up the experience from the previous games in the series, with the player finally able to escape from Pandora and explore the galaxy, as there are a lot of guys in fetish masks in the universe who have guns with awesome stats that need to be taken from their corpses.

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Source: Gamespot

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