Is This A Borderlands 3 Tease?

Borderlands video game movie in the works

Borderlands is a massively popular first-person shooter made by Gearbox Software. The first game was originally released in 2009. In 2011 Borderlands 2 was released set a five years after the events of the original and 2014 saw Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Fans of the Boarderlands franchise have been left wondering when a third installment was going to be announced (and subsequently released), furthering the chronicles on the planet of Pandora. There were several DLC games released set in the same world -- including Claptrap's New Robot Adventure that highlighted one of the most popular minor characters -- to tide fans over, although nothing is quite like a fully developed game.

Today at the Game Developers' Conference, however, Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchfork took the stage to speak about the Unreal Engine technology and offer demonstrations. The Unreal Engine will be the same tech Gearbox is using to power the next Borderlands game.

Check out the Unreal Engine Demonstration Here 

According to Polygon, Pitchfork's presentation moved speedily from showing basic shapes and characters to full length scenes that appeared "game ready". There was also a presentation on effects and lighting within the Unreal Engine which pertained to the Borderlands assets. In spite of the crowd's enthusiasm, Pitchfork was apparently careful to drive home that the footage featured in the demonstration may or may not ever appear in an upcoming video game project.

Borderlands Psycho

Last year at PAX East, Pitchfork confirmed that the next project for Gearbox Software after the completion of Battleborn and its DLC would be Borderlands 3. Battleborn's Scott Kester was announced as art director and that original Borderlands writer Mikey Neumann would be writing this third installment.

Fans of Borderlands will certainly want to look at this demonstration as confirmation that a new game is well underway. And while the evidence certainly seems to suggest that is the case, this was likely not the venue to make such an important announcement.

It is worth noting, then, that San Diego Comic-Con is coming up later this year as well as PAX East and E3, all of which could be prime locations for a major gaming announcement. If the demonstration from the Game Developers Conference is a mere tease of what is yet to come, then Borderlands fans are going to want to keep watching the usual suspects for a confirmation coming soon.

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Screen Rant will keep you posted on any developments from Borderlands 3.

Source: Polygon

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