Borderlands 3 Reveal Teased For PAX East

Borderlands 3 PAX East

Borderlands 3 appears to be heading to PAX East. A tweet from developer Gearbox Software teased that the heavily anticipated next entry into the Borderlands series will finally be revealed at the end of the month, when the industry gathers for the PAX East convention in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fans want Borderlands 3, even if there hasn't been much information regarding its existence in quite some time. Most of the information about the potential sequel is simply about where it won't be, with fans disappointed by Borderlands 3 not being at E3 2018 and then scared by the possibility the game might have been delayed by Take-Two, its publisher, until at least 2020. While fans aren't even sure what would be getting delayed at this point, since details have been so scarce the game could very well not exist at all, it feels as though everyone, including the game's developers, are operating under the assumption a sequel is a matter of when, not if.

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Now, it appears we have an official date for when Borderlands 3 will finally see the light of day. Gearbox Software will host a panel at PAX East on March 28 from 2-3pm EST, and it has been described as featuring "never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises." That alone was enough to incite speculation about a Borderlands sequel, but then Gearbox tweeted this earlier today:

While the developer could make the argument the advertisement is simply a nod toward the conference it's hosting, there are several details that all but confirm we're finally getting a look at Borderlands 3. The sign says "Exit 3," while the tweet was made exactly at 3pm. The advertisement is also done in classic Borderlands style, a combination of cel-shading and post-apocalyptic aesthetic that would be right at home in an animated adaptation of the Mad Max series.

If this really is the announcement of Borderlands 3, then it's been far too long a wait. In 2017, studio head Randy Pitchford said that somewhere around 90% of the company's employees were hard at work on the next Borderlands game. Later that year, Pitchford also showed off images of what looked like a new Borderlands at a conference at GDC, though nothing came from either of those stories. Take-Two has also been playing coy about 2K's "highly anticipated title" from a major franchise for the better part of a few years.

Borderlands 3 couldn't have picked a better window of time to show up, either. As a loot-based shooter with massive amounts of good will from fans, it seems perfectly positioned to snatch all the hype players had for Anthem and use it to fuel months of anticipation ahead of what appears, by all accounts and rumors, to be a release date in 2020.

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Source: @GearboxOfficial

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