Borderlands 3 Release Date May Have Leaked Already, Coming To Epic Store?

borderlands 3 release date

With Borderlands 3 being announced at Gearbox's recent PAX East presentation, fans have been eagerly awaiting more news about the latest installment in the Borderlands franchise, and thanks to a now-deleted tweet, it looks like the Borderlands 3 release date may be sooner than we think. While the announcement for the new Borderlands tabletop game was also met with fanfare, the one question on most fans' lips was when Gearbox anticipated its latest title would be launched.

The Gearbox presentation may have been mired in controversy and technical issues, but there were a lot of welcome updates about the rest of the franchise to smooth those over. With news of the old Borderlands games getting updates, as well as the fact that Borderlands VR will be getting all available DLC in an upcoming patch, it definitely looks like the studio has been trying to whet fans' appetites for the series before the next mainline entry is finally released.

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IGN has now reported on the existence of a deleted tweet from the official Borderlands Twitter which suggests that the Borderlands 3 release date is going to be September 13. While it's important to note that the tweet was released on April Fool's Day, usually companies make a habit of leaving their joke takes up, hence why the deletion has prompted the community to speculate. The fact that the Borderlands Twitter account also deleted another tweet suggesting that Borderlands 3 would be released on the Epic Games store appears to add fuel to the fire that some of these social media mishaps may actually be the real deal.

Borderlands 3 high five scene

It would be exciting to have Gearbox confirm the Borderlands 3 release date as September 13. Fans have been clamoring for a new Borderlands title for years, and that would be a good time for the game to come out considering the relatively sparse state of the industry's cycle at that time; it'd allow Borderlands 3 to hopefully dominate the press' attention. The fact that it may well be an Epic Store exclusive is also interesting, and it would certainly have far-reaching implications in the AAA sphere if publishers and studios started turning away from Steam as the storefront for their PC releases.

While September 13 still feels like eons away, the rest of the year is packed with anticipated titles to buoy us along until we get there. Fans may well even get another update on the Borderlands 3 release date along the way, and it's extremely likely that Gearbox is going to take every opportunity that it gets to build hype for its latest game. Hopefully that involves less painfully long magic tricks and more exciting trailers, though.

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Source: IGN

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