Borderlands 3 Has Its Own Loot Cave For Legendaries

Borderlands 3 Loot Cave Legendary Loot Tink

The Borderlands 3 loot cave equivalent, named after the legendary Destiny feature of the same name, might have already been unearthed by players who are abusing a consistent spawn location to farm an enemy for legendary loot. For those unfamiliar, the original Destiny had an iconic early glitch affectionately referred to as the loot cave, a location that players could camp thanks to infinite spawning but weak enemies and simply shoot into ad nauseam before reaping huge amounts of loot from the leftovers.

Borderlands 3 is a lot like Destiny in the way it prioritizes loot mechanics as a gameplay loop to keep players coming back, and so far, it's been working - the game has reviewed pretty positively, although mixed reactions to its humor and the controversies surrounding developer Gearbox Software have likely had an unwanted negative impact. It's certainly true that, despite Borderland 3 succeeding as a game, there are a lot of issues left for Gearbox and boss Randy Pitchford to sort out, not the least of which are the two claims levied at Pitchford over secret bonus accusations and alleged physical assault of ex-Claptrap voice actor David Eddings. That hasn't stopped Borderlands 3 from becoming one of the most popular games of late 2019, and it likely won't stop the title from being one of the holiday season's best sellers, either.

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With so many people jumping into the game, it was only a matter of time before someone managed to break it and exploit its loot somehow. Full credit goes to PCGamer's James Davenport, who was the first to report the Borderlands 3 loot cave equivalent and shared it with the community. According to Davenport, players need to set their difficulty to Mayhem 3, which increases the chance of acquiring rare loot from enemies. They then need to bring weapons that deal shock damage and fire damage respectively; one to nuke the enemy target's shield, and the other to do bonus damage to humans. On the Jakob's Estate map, there's a location southwest on the map called the Servant's Lift. A loot tink is guaranteed to spawn there underneath the deck, often first, and can be blitzed down before other bandits show up.

Borderlands 3 Amara

The loot tink might actually give up some legendaries while just being damaged, but if properly decimated by the prepared weapons, the Borderlands 3 loot cave equivalent - more like a loot shack that spawns a loot tink, to be fair - will drop a bag that often spits out a combination of legendaries and epics. Players can then fast travel back to the Jakob's Estate point, quit to menu, and load back in, which is good for another run at the enemy. According to Davenport, he was able to acquire 15 legendaries in just 15 minutes using the exploit.

To be clear, this is certainly an exploit, which is why the analogy of a Borderlands 3 loot cave makes even more sense - it might not be around very long. Gearbox is pretty forgiving when it comes to players finding game-breaking elements in its franchise, which actively encourages them to find builds that outright break the game and make mincemeat of tough enemies, but it's unclear what its stance will be on such an easy method of acquiring rare loot. For now, though, it's time for Vault Hunters to enjoy their version of a Borderlands 3 loot cave while it lasts.

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Source: PCGamer

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