Borderlands 3 Level Cap and Guardian System Revealed at E3 2019

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The Borderlands 3 event at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019 involved a question and answer session that revealed several new details about the game, including information about returning characters and new abilities, items, and mods.

The question and answer session was fielded by Gearbox Software creative director Paul Sage, who opened with an explanation for the playable Gunner known as Moze. The main combat gimmick used by Moze is her ability to summon a huge mech called Iron Bear, which she can combine with her Action Skills to equip different weapons, which includes flamethrowers, miniguns, and a rail gun. Sage went on to discuss the new additions to the non-gun items in the game, which include grenades and shields that have multiple effects at once and unique class mods that add skills as well as bolstering old ones. The Artifact items also add new effects to character movement, such as improving the ability to slide.

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The next question focused on the post-game. Sage said that the Badass Ranks from the earlier Borderlands titles has been replaced with something known as Guardian Ranks, which has infinite progression and has different skills and skins that are unlocked over time. The added benefit of Guardian Ranks is that every character on your account benefits from them. The next question was about the boss fights in the game and Sage said that the multiple Vaults in the game meant that there would be several huge boss fights that would be fought in multiple phases, along with different minibosses.

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The question and answer session moved on to rapid fire questions. The first question asked about how the multiplayer would be handled and Sage said that they would be allowing anyone to play at any time with each other. The second question was if the player could pet their gun, which was a no. The third question was whether Maya's new companion was a Siren, which Sage said was one of "right questions" to ask, but didn't confirm or deny. The fourth question asked if Tiny Tina would fight alongside the Vault Hunters, which was yes.

The fifth question asked about the level cap at launch, which will be fifty. The sixth question was if the player would see FL4K, which was yes. The seventh question was if the player would see Golden Keys and Shift Codes in Borderlands 3, which was yes. The eighth question was if there would be duels, which was yes, followed by if there are other kinds of PvP in the game, which was answered with both a yes and a no. The ninth question was if the player can trade weapons between characters and the answer was yes and would be possible right from the start of the game. The final question was asking about the release date, which is September 13, 2019.

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