Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer: Yes, Troy Just Dabbed On Us

The Borderlands 3 launch trailer features a dabbing Troy, much to the dismay of many viewers who now want to hunt down that Calypso Twin first.

Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer Troy Dab

The Borderlands 3 launch trailer features a dabbing villain in the form of Troy, one of the Calypso Twins, and it's driving some fans to nominate him as the very top of their most wanted lists heading into the game's release later this week. If there's one thing Borderlands 3 the game has had little difficulty in doing thus far, it's been recapturing the magic that made the series such a unique fixture of gaming libraries in the past: the same wacky tone, colorful art and topical - if not a little juvenile - humor is certainly present.

Borderlands 3 the idea, however, has been running into all kinds of problems in anticipation of its launch, most of them far removed from any actual gameplay concerns. The controversies surrounding Gearbox Software continue to mount, although the developer has done remarkably well at shrugging them off and maintaining fan excitement for the upcoming title. The same cannot be said for studio boss Randy Pitchford, however, who has become embroiled in several high-profile cases surrounding potential stolen funds and physical assault, neither of which have endeared him to consumers. While fans will make up their minds about the situations involved in the creation of Borderlands 3 as more information plays out, however, it appears that the game itself is in for a successful launch, with strong early Borderlands 3 reviews suggesting a holiday season hit.

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The Borderlands 3 launch trailer - complete with Troy dabbing - was released today on Gearbox's official social media channels, and introduces the main premise of the game's story. The Calypso Twins feature prominently as the villains who are looking to take control of multiple worlds using Tyreen's Siren powers and, it must be said, the power of influencer culture, too. The game's strong ties to Twitch culture are present in the trailer, which is recorded like a live stream or a commercial made by the villains themselves and ends in Borderlands 3's Troy dabbing quickly before the camera cuts away, inciting a strong response from fans who either love it or hate it.

The trailer also features a wonderful musical addition in "Seven Seas of Rhye" by Queen, capturing the over-the-top action and narrative that fans can expect on September 13. Ahead of launch, Borderlands 3 hands-on previews, and now reviews, have all indicated a game that doesn't stray too far from what has made previous instalments great. The innovations that are present, though, like an aged Tiny Tina ready to fight and the ability to explore multiple worlds, are all things fans have asked for in the past.

What fans didn't ask for, however, was for the Borderlands 3 villain Troy to hit a sick dab before the trailer ended. That's something many people could've lived without, but it shows a deft understanding on Gearbox's part of what makes Twitch content creators such abrasive personalities at times, and it should bode well for the way the Twins interpret that culture further once Borderlands 3 officially releases.

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