Borderlands 3: First Details For Halloween Event Revealed

Bloody Harvest Mock Up

Gearbox Software has revealed details for their first themed event for Borderlands 3. Although reviews of Borderlands 3 have been mixed since the game's release, with some outlets praising Gearbox's continued dedication to insanity while others focused on the repetitive nature of the title's core gameplay loop, many players have found enjoyment in discovering all the dead Claptrap locations and utilizing exploits like a secret loot cave for legendary item spawning.

Theses glitches haven't been fun for everyone, however. Recently, Borderlands 3 players took to Steam and the old Borderlands 2 forums in order to give voice to their issues with the game, since it is currently an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC and Epic's storefront still lacks any type of customer review or comments section. Outside of the game, even Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford continued to attract scandals and ill-will all the way up to the game's release by allegedly withholding court-ordered documents.

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In spite of all that, IGN reports Borderlands 3 Creative Director Paul Sage recently announced the first limited-time event for the game during The Borderlands Show, a monthly web show put on by Gearbox to update players on Borderlands 3 news. Titled Bloody Harvest, the event will be Halloween-themed and is said to be the first of multiple free short-term events coming to the game. Bloody Harvest is planned to release next month in order to coincide with the holiday and will include a new scaly NPC named Maurice.

In the update, players can plan on hunting down spooky Haunted enemies at the outer sections of the universe that, when defeated, will drop a new currency called Hecktoplasm needed to unlock the full Bloody Harvest map. These enemies will be able to apply a Terror debuff The Borderlands Show describes as a "mysterious mist" which shrouds player's vision and weakens gun handling, spread, and accuracy, so Hunters will need to tread carefully if they want to make it all the way to the event's unique boss battle with the Baron of Bloody Harvest. Gearbox also promises new themed weapon, Vault Hunter, and pet skins will be included in the update.

Like many other first-person shooters of this generation, it's no surprise Borderlands 3 has chosen the path of free limited-time updates and social events as opposed to larger DLC expansions. Limited-time events such as Bloody Harvest indirectly urge players who want to experience the holiday spookiness to jump on board soon lest they risk missing out on the scares altogether, and the lack of an entry fee means, theoretically, that the game's player base will only grow, not split, with each future event. With Halloween only a little more than a month away, players will soon find out whether the Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event is a trick, or a treat.

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Source: IGN/Borderlands

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