Borderlands 3: Every Dead Claptrap Location & Part Discovered

Borderlands 3 Dead Claptrap Locations Guide

The Borderlands 3 dead Claptrap locations are some of the most difficult to find across the galaxy, but they're also tied into one of the most fun sidequests available within the game - helping Claptrap build a new friend now that he's the last of his kind. Although Borderlands 3 has a lot of different collectible missions, this one resonates especially well since it involves a character that many fans consider their favorite - or, if nothing else, the annoying-but-ubiquitous franchise mascot.

Finding the Borderlands 3 dead Claptrap locations out isn't just for those who want an enriching narrative experience regarding the long, tireless search for robot companionship in a cold, unfeeling galaxy - there's also some tangible loot up for grabs. Each dead Claptrap rewards players with bonus experience, Eridium, cash, and some dialogue from Claptrap about whatever particular part was harvested from the corpse of the unfortunate robot unit. Borderlands 3 dead Claptrap locations are scattered across every map, and they're in some truly bizarre places, making logical pursuit of them tough.

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Luckily, that's where we come in. While all of the Borderlands 3 dead Claptrap locations have yet to be discovered, we've been keeping tabs on the ones that have. Here's a complete list of all the dead Claptraps available in Borderlands 3, with more to be added once they're found.

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The Droughts

  • There's one dead Claptrap at the junkyard racetrack that Ellie sends players to early on to acquire their first vehicle. There's a wall of wrecked cars and shipping containers that has a small, somewhat obscured path heading behind it, leading to a small viewing platform on the edge of the cliff face. Just before that platform is a dead Cleaptrap hanging upside down, having been used as a pinata for some bandit fun.
  • The other dead Claptrap in the Droughts is one of the easiest to find in the entire game. It's located on the hood of a car out in the open near some vending machines at the beginning of the game. There's a pool of acid nearby, and it's genuinely in one of the very first areas players are allowed to explore, so as long as Vault Hunters keep an eye out early into their journey, they should have no issue finding this Claptrap.

Ascension Bluff

  • All the way north of the Children of the Vault compound, there's a trailer on the right of the entrance that has some TVs strapped to it. Climb the top of the roof of the trailer and look at the pole beside it with some megaphones attached to it - there's also a red dead Claptrap pinned to the same pole.

Meridian Outskirts

  • Near the drop pod, there's a path to the right. Find the cave that opens up on the right side of this path and head inside to find a dead Claptrap that looks suspiciously like it tried to be the mom of some aliens that hatched out of eggs (and failed miserably).

Meridian Metroplex

  • Once players acquire the first fast travel point for the area, follow the road to the first open area following it. There's a subway station to the right, and stairs that lead down into the bottom of that station. There will be a dead Claptrap laying in a puddle of oil at the foot of the stairs, having tragically attempted to climb them.

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Lectra City

  • At the docks, head to the northeast corner. There will be a bunch of climbable objects stacked suspiciously close enough that they scream to be climbed, so do that. There's a Claptrap sitting on a chair looking out at the waterfront on the rooftops there.
  • In the middle of the Lectra City map, there's a courtyard full of trash. It's one of the more difficult areas to locate, but there are some markers - most notably a small neon sign that says "Welcome Home" and a bigger, purple neon sign propped up against a wall beside it. In between those two signs is a dead Claptrap to collect.


  • The first dead Claptrap here is actually pretty obvious - there's a small island on the map that has a Claptrap icon directly over it. On the south end of the island there's a Claptrap that is similarly dead in a puddle of oil, although the cause of death is drastically different from its ambitious, stair-climbing counterpart.
  • On the southwest part of the map, there's a dead Claptrap near a Crimson Radio. It's located on the roof in the middle of the area and players will be taken through this location as part of the game's main storyline, so the map icon will eventually crop up and players can simply move to the rooftop to find the Claptrap.


  • After an early open area battle in the map, there's a dead Claptrap just off to the side, strapped to a rocky outcropping next to some exposed wires.
  • On the mission that sends players to destroy something very cool, they'll be required to move through a facility on the planet. Check every room while progressing through this area, as there will be a dead Claptrap tucked into a corner below a gacha machine and next to a long, red neon tube.

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Atlas HQ

  • This dead Claptrap is behind the counter of the strip mall's bar. It's another area players will naturally find thanks to the main campaign, so it's hard to miss, especially given how small this map is relative to many other locations.

Neon Arterial

  • In the northwestern corner of the map, near the Green Diamond Platform, there's a dead Claptrap on the train tracks waiting to be discovered.

The Anvil

  • Take a left immediately upon finding the canteen area and slide under a door that's been jammed open. There's a room on the right with a dead Claptrap spotlit by a burst pipe.
  • In the northwest of the map, there's a small nook that houses a rather unfortunate dead Claptrap. This one can be a pain to locate, but just keep in mind it's off to the left of the biggest open area on the map and can be a frustrating one to search for. It's there, we promise.

Floodmoor Basin

  • Head right from where the drop pod leaves the Vault Hunters and drop into the lagoon. There's a metal rail to follow that extends past the lumber yard and up to a small pond with a shack beneath a massive tree trunk. There, players will spot some rocks - climb up them and there will be the telltale glow of a dead Claptrap sandwiched between rocks, roots, and more.
  • Back at the lumber yard, there's a boardwalk with a Claptrap underneath it. It's a nice break after the difficulty of the last few!

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Jakobs Estate

  • In the Grotto underneath the mansion, players can find a dead Claptrap on the left side, near the tunnel where they encounter a gigantic enemy.

Voracious Canopy

  • Head to to the northern area of the map and locate a cave entrance behind a waterfall, as these things often are. At the back of the cave there's a dead Claptrap on the ledge of a series of rocky outcroppings that the player can climb.


  • To the northeast, there's a house that's been entirely trapped within fungus. On the front of the house, there's a Claptrap that has also met its unfortunate end at the hands of the fungus.
  • On the southwest end of the map, there's a destroyed spaceship next to a huge tree. Lost among the scattered parts of the ship is a dead Claptrap tucked up against a big chunk of the ship, in between that and another part that looks similarly like a cargo crate.

Blackbarrel Cellar

  • Near the entrance to the area, head down the stairs on the right. There's a wooden platform that players can duck under, and a dead Claptrap waiting underneath.

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