Adi Shankar’s Bootleg Universe Pitch Show Begins in 2 Weeks

Adi Shankar Gods and Secrets

Producer Adi Shankar is expanding his Bootleg Universe with a new talk show series where Hollywood creatives pitch ideas on how they would reinvent popular movie franchises.

As fans may already know, Shankar produces a YouTube series dubbed Bootleg Universe, which consists of short films taking a popular franchise and reinventing the characters and often tinkering with the plot. Part of Shankar’s Bootleg Universe includes franchises such as Power Rangers (Power/Rangers), The Punisher (Dirty Laundry), James Bond (In Service of Nothing), and Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd: Superfiend) to name a few.

The producer’s new web talk show, The ‘Bootleg Universe’ Pitch Show will have 16 episodes for its first season and will be released for free on YouTube, starting September 14th. According to The Wrap, the show’s first season will feature a wide variety of Hollywood creatives, including Tangerine director/writer Sean Baker, The Guest writer Simon Barrett, The Voices scribe Michael R. Perry, V/H/S and Devil’s Due filmmaking group Radio Silence, and Running Scared writer/director Wayne Kramer.

The Bootleg Universe Pitch Show Poster

Expanding his Bootleg Universe into a web series, Shankar is creating his own bizarro Hollywood, where established creators have more freedom to interpret classic characters anyway they want. By bringing in some of the most unique voices in film today and letting them pitch their own stories, Shankar is showing how generic and formulaic Hollywood reboots have become and how filmmakers with a vision can change the way audiences look at reboots and remakes.

Shankar's sometimes radical reinvention of popular series and characters is definitely one approach to the current trend of Hollywood reboots. His dark take on Power Rangers alone proved he could open up a whole new world of ideas, and still make them fit within the framework of an existing franchise. In fact, the producer has proven himself to the degree he is ready to make the leap to director with Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets, a feature on HBO that will supposedly offer a fresh take on the superhero genre.

With The Bootleg Universe Pitch Show and Gods and Secrets in the works, Shankar’s upcoming projects are proving that he may be able to help Hollywood find the cure for the common reboot.

Source: The Wrap

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