Boondock Saints Movie Stars Not Involved with TV Show

Boondock Saints is being rebooted as a TV series, but the original film's stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery are not involved.

Troy Duffy's 1999 film Boondock Saints is getting a TV adaptation, but the movie's original stars are not involved in any way. Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery starred in Duffy's film as twin brothers engaged in a violent campaign to rid Boston of evildoers, while themselves being hunted down by an FBI agent played by Willem Dafoe. Boondock Saints was dismissed by critics as a brainless Tarantino clone and only grossed $30,000 in theaters (it didn't help that the violent movie about vigilantes was released shortly after the Columbine massacre), but it got an unlikely second life on DVD and became a cult hit; spawning a 2009 sequel that brought back both the original stars for more mayhem this time set in Ireland.

Various reports over the years have indicated that Troy Duffy is working to put together a third Boondock Saints film, with Reedus and Flanery both involved. In the meantime, a TV show prequel titled Boondock Saints: Origins is also in the works, and speculation has run rampant that the film's original stars could be involved in some way.

Some of this speculation about Flanery and Reedus showing up in either the Boondock Saints sequel or TV show was actually fueled by the TV show's official site, but unfortunately may have been very premature and possibly annoying to the two stars. On Saturday, Sean Patrick Flanery himself took to Twitter to post a statement denying that either he or Norman Reedus has anything to do with any further Boondock Saints plans:

ANNOUNCEMENT about #BoondockSaints from myself and @wwwbigbaldhead attached. Hope this clarifies.

— Sean Patrick Flanery (@seanflanery) May 7, 2017

The above tersely-worded statement directly contradicts a claim on that Flanery and Reedus "absolutely will be back" for the planned third film. Though the site doesn't directly connect the actors to the TV show, it does say they are "aware" of the reboot and speculates that "maybe they pop up from time to time." By the looks of it, Flanery and Reedus' camps were not thrilled with the actors being connected to the projects and wanted to head off any further talk. Both stars are plenty busy these days, with Flanery having 8 projects listed as upcoming on IMDb and Reedus continuing to work on a little TV series called The Walking Dead.

Boondock Saints

In addition to putting out apparently erroneous speculation about casting, the Boondocks website is also offering fans the opportunity to spend $600 on a crazy Boondock Saints box set that also comes with early access to Season 1 of the TV show. The site is also selling tickets to the St. Patrick's Day 2018 show premiere in Boston for $5,000 a pop. It's fair to wonder how attractive either of those deals will be to fans, now that it appears neither of the original film's stars will be popping up on the show.

Though critics have never loved Boondock Saints and the film-going public in general has been indifferent to its existence, the films do have a considerable cult following, and just maybe the TV series will be a good way for Troy Duffy to bring his story to a larger audience - once he finds his new MacManus Brothers.

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Source: Sean Patrick Flanery

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