Boondock Saints Director Returning For New Thriller

Director Troy Duffy burst on the scene in the late ‘90s with the stylish action picture The Boondock Saints, one of those 1990s indie labors of love as well known for its behind-the-scenes story — a bartender and sometimes musician who all but willed an indie movie into existence, despite no film training — as for the film itself. The story of a pair of Boston brothers (Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus) who take out vigilante justice against various gangsters, soon amassed a cult following.

Four years later, Duffy was the subject of a documentary titled Overnight, which chronicled his rise and fall and painted an unflattering picture of him. A sequel to The Boondock Saints, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, followed in 2009, but Duffy has no other directorial credits in the years since. Now, he’s readying a comeback.

Duffy is set to direct a new film called The Blood Spoon Council, according to a press release from production company Oceanside Media. Oceanside Media is an Australian entity founded by producer Scott Clayton, best known for recently acquiring The Claim, a script by La La Land director Damien Chazelle. The film, which Duffy co-wrote with novice screenwriter Criss Lassiter, is described as a “chilling psychological thriller,” in which the titular Blood Spoon Council, a vigilante group, is hunting down serial killers around the country. According to the plot description:

The Boondock Saints TV Series Show

“The FBI commissions a young, rogue profiler to get into the head of the group's elusive leader. But their investigation is derailed when the whiz kid engages in a secret game of cat-and-mouse with a mastermind the likes of which he's never seen.”

The release does not list any cast for the film but, strangely for a film press release, it does mention several of Duffy’s other upcoming projects, including both “a 90 minute ballet of hardcore ass-kickery" called Rock 'Em Sock 'Em and Black Ghost, “a racially edgy comedy he is writing in collaboration with funny man, Cedrick [sic] The Entertainer.” Also mentioned are plans for an eventual third Boondock Saints movie as well as a “rebooted” TV series that was announced earlier this year.

Duffy’s struggles with obtaining funding for his work have been well documented, so it’s a pretty huge step that he’s managed to get The Blood Spoon Council to this point. And The Boondock Saints maintains a cult following that may very well follow Duffy to this new project.

Duffy infamously signed away home video rights to the first Boondock Saints and was unable to profit from most of the revenue produced by its cult following. But perhaps the now 46-year-old director has gotten older and wiser, and can find another act to his career.

There’s no announced release date yet for The Blood Spoon Council.

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Source: Oceanside Media

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