Boondock Saints Stars Reunite on AMC's Ride with Norman Reedus

A new promo for the AMC travel series Ride with Norman Reedus teases a reunion between Reedus and his Boondock Saints co-star, Sean Patrick Flannery.

Boondock Saints 2

The stars of Boondock Saints reunited on the AMC travel series Ride with Norman Reedus. In 1999, Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus played fraternal twins in Troy Duffy’s vigilante cult classic, Boondock Saints. The film spawned an infamous documentary about its production entitled Overnight, along with a poorly-received 2009 sequel. 

When Boondocks Saints released, Reedus was relatively unknown but gained traction for his performance as the vengeful Murphy McManus. By the sequel’s 2009 release, the American actor had maintained a steady career in feature films, but mostly in supporting roles. Reedus’ career trajectory immediately changed upon being cast in AMC’s groundbreaking zombie series, The Walking Dead, in which he’s played Daryl Dixon from 2010 to the present. As for Reedus' Boondock Saints co-star Flannery, he’s also maintained a steady career in both feature films and television - most notably, he received an extensive character arc in USA’s The Dead Zone, and a starring role in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones movie franchise.

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On Twitter, Ride with Norman Reedus released a new promo in which the host and his Boondock Saints co-star reunite. The travel series premiered in 2016 and features Reedus exploring biker culture in different locales with special guests. Thus far in season 3, Reedus has reunited with The Walking Dead co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride, and Austin Amelio. In the fifth episode, Reedus will explore Texas, “The Lone Star State," with Flannery. Check out the promo for Flannery's episode, below:

Last month, we spoke with Reedus at The Walking Dead’s Atlanta set, where he spoke about his expanded season 9 role and the new villains known as the Whisperers. On a network series that's known for killing off popular characters, Reedus has managed to survive for nearly 10 years; a testament to his connection with fans. On February 10, The Walking Dead resumed with its mid-season premiere, and season 9 will conclude on March 31. While AMC keeps Reedus busy with two separate series, he’s only appeared in three feature films since 2015: Triple 9, Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1, and The Limit. 

For years, Boondock Saints 3 has been rumored, but the film has never officially been announced. Perhaps the upcoming Ride with Norman Reedus reunion is merely a teaser for a bigger and better production featuring Reedus and Flannery.

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