• Will The Boondock Saints 3 ever happen? 1 / 8

    boondock saints 2 poster TLDR vertical
  • The first two movies follow a pair of vigilante brothers and has a strong cult following. 2 / 8

    boondock saints mcmanus brothers TLDR vertical
  • It also offered an early lead role for Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. 3 / 8

    walking dead norman reedus TLDR vertical
  • Writer/director Troy Duffy has revealed a third movie and series are in development. 4 / 8

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  • Both Reedus and co-star Sean Patrick Flanery have ruled out a return, however. 5 / 8

    boondock saints norman reedus TLDR vertical
  • Without the involvement of the original stars, a TV or movie reboot is more likely. 6 / 8

    walking dead reedus TLDR vertical
  • Little has been heard about the show or third movie since 2017. 7 / 8

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