The Boondock Saints 3 Updates: Will The Sequel Happen?

The first two movies have a strong cult following but will The Boondock Saints 3 ever happen? The production of the original Boondock Saints is almost as interesting as the movie itself. Writer/director Troy Duffy was an unknown prior to selling the script and became a sensation when he sold it to Miramax for a high price in a bidding war. The documentary Overnight chronicled the development of the film and showed how Duffy's behavior later caused Miramax to drop out, with the movie later being financed by an independent studio for a lower budget.

Despite only receiving limited distribution, The Boondock Saints would find a strong cult following on video and DVD. The movie starred Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and Sean Patrick Flanery as the McManus brothers, who become famed vigilantes. The movie's stylish action sequences and dark comedy struck a chord with viewers, though it took a while for a sequel to come together. Reedus and Flanery both returned for 2009's The Boondock Saints II: All Saint's Day, where the brothers return from exile to face a figure from their father's past.

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The Boondock Saints II ended with a surprise cameo by Willem Dafoe (Aquaman) as his character Paul Smecker from the original, which set up a potential sequel where the brothers' murderous activities would be backed by the Church. Given the enduring cult fandom for the series will The Boondock Saints 3 happen?

A Third Movie And TV Series Are In Development

Boondock Saints

It initially seemed a third movie wouldn't happen, with co-star Norman Reedus stating in 2012 after a meeting with Flanery and Duffy that The Boondock Saints 3 wasn't moving forward. Later updates in 2014 revealed Duffy was working on a script dubbed Boondock Saints 3: Legion, which apparently involved legions of people inspired to become vigilantes in honor of the McManus brothers.

It was also announced in 2017 that Duffy was working on a TV series titled The Boondock Saints: Origins, which would apparently reinterpret the franchise.

Reedus And Flanery Have Walked Away From Boondock Saints 3

Despite their love for the series and their characters, both Reedus and Flanery have stated they won't be part of The Boondock Saints 3. Flanery clarified their lack of involvement on Twitter in 2017 and later gave an interview revealing that while it was a difficult choice to walk away, he and Reedus couldn't turn a blind eye to something about the production they deemed "unethical."

Is The Boondocks Saints 3 Still Happening?

Boondock Staints II

Few updates have been given about the status of either The Boondock Saints 3: Legion or The Boondocks Saints: Origins series. If neither of the original stars are returning that will likely make securing financing for a third movie difficult, especially with the loss of Walking Dead star Reedus. At this stage, a TV series or movie reboot is more likely than a third entry.

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