'Boondock Saints 3' Has A Title & Story - Is It Actually Going To Happen?

Boondock Saints 3 News

If you're an avid movie watcher and consider yourself a film buff, then you've heard of The Boondock Saints, a film about two Irish brothers on a holy vigilante mission to end the lives of the worst kinds of criminals. An unexpected cult megahit, despite its failure to be a box office success due to a variety of problems with the production, the Saints have lived on successfully for 15 years since debuting in 1999 through re-releases on home video, online merchandise sales and a dedication by the film's creator and stars to interact with the community.

The home video success through word-of-mouth helped a sequel (The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day) eventually get made (after a lawsuit) and hit theaters a decade after the fact, seemingly setting up an inevitable third installment that fans have now been waiting on for five years. Creator, director and writer Troy Duffy has been talking up the project for years but not much official has come out on its development although he did release a few images of the script for Boondock Saints 3 back in January and April.

So a script has been in the works for quite some time, undergoing at least a few significant alterations along the way. It's seemingly only a matter of time - except for one major hurdle: getting the talent aboard. While Clifton Collins, Jr., a friend of Troy Duffy who was introduced in the sequel, is eager to come back - telling us he's definitely going to be involved when we chatted with him a few months ago - Norman Reedus is not as enthused.

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