Boondock Saints 2? Say It Ain't So!

Some of the readers respectfully disagreed with me (which is perfectly okay — and appreciated), but many of the comments were insulting, inflammatory, threatening or a combination of the three. Things got so rowdy after a while that Vic (the site owner) ended up having to completely disable the comment feature for the review. I have been writing movie reviews for Screen Rant for about four years, and I have never seen a stronger reader response than I did for The Boondock Saints. What was/is the big deal? It's just a movie; some people liked it, while others (including me) did not.

So what do you think? Did Sony do the right thing by greenlighting a sequel? Will the movie-going public still want to see a sequel, even though it has been nearly a decade since the original was released? Am I still an idiot (or worse) because I didn't like the original? Given how chaotic and unpredictable the movie development process can be in Hollyweird, will this sequel actually see the light of day?

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