Bonnie & Clyde Remake Starring... Hilary Duff?

I think everyone can agree that there are movies that never need to be remade under any circumstances.  Too bad most of Hollywood seems to have missed this memo, because currently looming in this territory is the remake of the 1967 film Bonnie & Clyde.

The classic film is the story of star-crossed lovers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow who went on a spree of bank robberies during the Great Depression.

In case you've got it in your head that there are parts of the Bonnie & Clyde saga that deserve further examination, you are apparently not alone - Hollywood agrees with you.

Sadly, they also agree that actors Hilary Duff & Kevin Zegers would be the perfect updated Bonnie and Clyde, as they're in talks to star in the project.

The Hollywood Reporter says:

Tonya S. Holly is directing "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde" and producing the indie drama with Tom Rogers via her Cypress Moon Studios.

The makers are stressing that the new film is not a remake and are promising to showcase times in the couple's lives not seen onscreen before. Holly first became interested in the story of the fugitive lovers after finding old newspaper articles about their exploits in an abandoned house on her family's property.

Let's face it, if ever there was a time to tell the story of these Depression era outlaws it would be right now, but does that mean the film needs to be marred with poor casting decisions?  I'd like to think the answer would be no, but then again Hilary Duff could surprise everyone and actually pull this off.  I'm not saying it's likely, but it could happen.

Although, what'll really be interesting is if this movie does hit is big, will there be some sort of viable reception from the poverty stricken public?  Will it set into motion a legion of like minded young lovers trying to find a way to make it during these rough economic times?  Or will the timing be terrible and end up annoying the public at large?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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