Hart Hanson Prepping ‘Bones’ Spinoff For Fox

Bones fans will have to make room in their viewing schedule, as series creator Hart Hanson is currently working on a spin-off of his popular television show that will based off of “The Locator” book series by Richard Greener.

The new series will follow the Locator, Walter Sherman, who is a brash, eccentric man in his 20s-30s with the ability to find people that nobody else can – including those who do not wish to be found.

The only caveat in Hanson’s newly revealed endeavor is that he, the rest of the Bones producers (which includes series stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel), Fox and 20th Century Fox TV are able to find an actor that can successfully carry a series on their own. Casting is scheduled to begin soon and if no one is able to appropriately fill the role, all plans will be scrapped.

If a suitable actor is found, Sherman is slated to be introduced in a crossover episode of Bones on December 6th as an unwelcome acquaintance of Agent Booth (David Boreanaz), whom Sherman served with in Iraq during his most recent deployment as a MP (military police) officer. While serving in Iraq, Booth and Sherman got to know each other very well and subsequently dislike each other because of their differentiating personalities. Sherman is openly aggressive, offensive and often irreverent (although relevant) while handling prospective witnesses and Booth is, well, Booth – he shoots clowns. Of course, Sherman’s mannerisms won’t turn everyone off. Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will find his no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point idiosyncrasies extremely intriguing.

Keeping with Sherman’s origins from the book series, he will have been injured while serving overseas, suffering brain damage, something that only serves to amplify his eccentric mannerisms and constant state of paranoia. No word yet on whether any of the storylines from the book series will be used, but knowing Hanson’s take on Kathy Reich’s “Temperance Brennan” novels as the template for Bones, he will most likely chose to develop his own, original stories.

Since Bones has been one of Fox’s most reliable series in the ratings over the past six years, with an extremely active fan following, it’s only natural that Hanson and the network would attempt to tap into that success to spawn a new franchise. Will Hanson’s Locator spinoff series be a success? It’s hard to tell, but one thing is for sure, Bones fans will be there to support it.

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Walter Sherman's character will not appear in a December crossover. Instead, you can expect to see him sometime in January or Feburary.


Source: Deadline, Entertainment Weekly

Bones airs Thursday’s @8pm, on Fox

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