'Bones' Showrunners Confident in Season 9 Renewal



Much was revealed concerning Bones in today's conference call with showrunners Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, but after some online ribbing from David Boreanaz about the veteran show beginning its "Farewell Tour" this season, nothing should soothe fans more than the duo's confidence in the show's future.

In fact, according to Hart Hanson, Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel might stick around until at least season 9.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, Hanson said:

"They [Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel] are currently in negotiations through at least season nine. We're pretty confident they'll come to an agreement."

And what of Boreanaz's tweets concerning his own departure? Hanson accuses the actor of being mischievous when it comes to the Twitter fan base, but not malicious.

Stephen Nathan added:

"[Boreanaz] loves this show, and he's better than ever. And I think he wants him to come back as much as we want him to come back. It doesn't seem to be an issue."

For Bones fans following the show's renewal saga, the revelation of a potential season 9 comes as little surprise. Last spring, during studio renegotiations, Fox renewed the show for an eighth season, but signed a licensing deal for two. This gives them the option to pick the show up for a ninth season without having to wade through studio red tape a second time.

With the always tricky Fox Studios/20th Century Fox deal behind them, the only pieces needed for Bones to secure season 9 are renewed cast contracts and solid ratings in the coming season. With Boreanaz and Deschanel in talks for "through season nine" now, it could be time for Bones fans to get excited.

Because season 9 is still a dot on the horizon, Hanson and Nathan were more than willing to give fans reason to be excited for the upcoming season 8. The very beginning of the season will see one plotline with serial killer Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) conclude as a new one unfurls. However, folks will have to tune in to see how long it takes Brennan (Deschanel) to be exonerated.

Nathan said that for as much as he and Hanson dislike serial killers, they both love Pelant and have plans for him that stretch well beyond the September 17th premiere.

"He's going to color season eight a little, and he's going to color it red."

If Pelant isn't enough of a draw, the duo also revealed their plans for the show's 150th episode. In a surprise twist, Cyndi Lauper will reprise her role as the psychic Avalon. Hanson and Nathan have been looking for an opportunity to bring the famed singer back since she came on in the season 6 premiere and the timing and story finally worked out for them.

The milestone episode was filmed as one of the "bonus" episodes ordered by the network last spring and was shot from the perspective of the victim - a young boy. Avalon's help will be enlisted to discern what the boy needs and, Hanson teases, it may not be merely solving his murder. Clearly not standard Bones fare. The show has given audiences some very powerful episodes involving murdered children, but tends to be lackluster when they aim for a style that is out-of-the-box. ("The Double Death of the Dearly Departed," anyone?) So it should be interesting to see what the marriage of these two approaches produces.

Since season 4, there have been rumblings that the show has dipped its toes far too heavily into the comedic genre, straying from the case-centric, dramatic roots that first lured in audiences. Quality case elements have been dropped for the sake of a cheap laugh. The victims become all but forgettable from week to week. Nevertheless, Hanson and Nathan have managed to cultivate the characters and good ratings and continued network support prove that their approach can garner success. Sustainability and growth as an older show will now come to the forefront.

The Pelant storyline gives the show a strong season opener with boundless possibilities to come; the 150th episode holds potential for the same; and the Booth/Brennan relationship is at a mature, stable place fans have been wishing for. If they can once again strike the balance between gravitas, macabre humor, and character depth, Bones just might find that final piece of the puzzle that will carry them through to yet another season pickup and beyond.

Bones premieres Monday, September 17th @8pm on Fox.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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