'Bones' Honeymoon Is All Work and No Play

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[This is a review of Bones season 9, episode 7. There will be SPOILERS.]


Get a good look at that kiss above because that's about the only action Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) get on the newest Bones episode, 'The Nazi on the Honeymoon.' True, the writers have to cater to more than just the fangirls who want a glimpse of newlywed bliss, but unfortunately this episode is also the victim of sloppy writing and a few editing glitches.

Perhaps it's because it comes on the heels of one of the most sentimental episodes to date - maybe it was the brief baseball hiatus - but it feels like this was a bad time to keep the leads apart for so long.

Brennan spends much of her time with Buenos Aires equivalent, Dr. Leticia Perez (Angela Alvarado), in the morgue rather than enjoying her new husband. Ditto for Booth who spends the episode alternately sipping drinks and hitting the streets with Inspector Raphael Valenza (Joaquim de Almeida).

Bones Season 9 Episode 7 Brennan Makeshift Lab

In terms of characterization, Brennan flip-flops between the arrogant, self-assured woman she was for so long, and the empathetic mother she's become. In one scene, Clark (Eugene Byrd) has to assure Dr. Perez that Brennan's harshness equals respect shortly after Brennan is philosophizing about her positive views on child-rearing. The emotional awkwardness hits its apex when Perez  shatters one of the bones and Brennan squelches the urge to chew her out and instead insists that everyone makes mistakes.

Meanwhile, Booth is a legend among the people as the living embodiment of Brennan's literary protagonist, Andy Lister. The first half of the episode has one person after another fawning over Booth. Brennan's books are a massive hit in Buenos Aires and everyone Booth encounters has trouble separating truth from fiction. On the upside, his wardrobe is great and Boreanaz shines, as always, in the interrogation room scenes.

Bones Season 9 Episode 7 Booth Breakfast

Meanwhile, back in DC, the B-story revolves around Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin) and whether or not they want to add a second child to their brood. Forgetting the fact that they are the carriers of a rare genetic condition that could result in blind offspring, the Hodgins' take the time keeping an eye on little Christine and Michael-Vincent to consider expanding their family. The scene with the two toddlers running amok in the lab is cute but proof enough that kids on an adult procedural are best talked about and not seen. There are a few glaring editorial errors in the kid scenes, too.

All in all, this episode is something of a letdown. Booth and Brennan spend their honeymoon apart while Hodgins and Angela are distracted by the kiddos and lose them half the time. The case elements are bland and the viewer ends up having more sympathy for the killer rather than the victim, though even there, her tirade makes for an emotionally bloated finish.

Fortunately, Bones has the opportunity to redeem itself not once, but twice next week with new episodes on Monday and Friday. This heralds the shift into the show's new time-slot on Fridays at 8, making room for the premiere of Fox's new drama, Almost Human.


Bones returns next Monday with, "The Dude in the Dam" @8pm on FOX. And again on Friday @8pm with, "The Fury in the Jury."

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