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[This is a review for Bones season 9, episode 17. It contains SPOILERS.]


If you're in the mood for a straight-laced procedural, than you might want to skip tonight's Bones, which leans heavily on the comedy side. Not that this is a bad thing. In a season that's covered everything from serial killers to the mental illness of a long lost sibling, a gut-buster is a good change of pace.

Really, it's nothing shy of a debutante ball for the newest squintern at the Jeffersonian: Rodolfo Fuentes (Ignacio Serricchio).  Over the the course of the hour, we're introduced to his quirks and see his particular skill-set put to the test. Not only that, but we see how he mixes with the rest of the ensemble.

If tonight's any indication, Rodolfo should feel right at home in no time. In the lab, he's as arrogant as Clark (Eugene Byrd) or Fisher (Joel David Moore) and isn't easily dissuaded by Brennan's (Emily Deschanel) sharp criticism. He's also as horny as Daisy (Carla Gallo) around Sweets (John Francis Daley); and let's face it, a couple of the squinterns have been lucky in love at the lab.

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He's got some great one-liners throughout, though it's hard to top his comparison of the septic tank to a prison his uncle went to for bootlegging Die Hard videos. Usually interns are around for a while longer before we get the heartfelt back-story speech, but this one is poignant and well-placed.

The nature of the case itself also allowed for some hilarious antics. The parole officer gives himself up the moment he offers to "help" Booth (David Boreanaz) with the investigation, but getting back around to him is the fun part. In the meantime, we get to meet a trimmer, whiter version of Operation Repo's Sonia, as well as a dopey hot dog vendor who sells his wares to one of Booth's undercover FBI guy.

And then there's Horatio Mancini (Shahine Ezell), the victim's best buddy. Horatio wins the night with one of the longest and zaniest cop chases in series history.  Bonus points to Brennan for beaning her hubby with a head of lettuce and getting in her own one-liner about a man knowing his way around a kitchen.

Bones Season 9 Episode 17 Brennan Booth

At the heart of the episode is a topic that's dealt with lightly at first, then probed a bit more deeply as the episode moves forward. Booth and Brennan's religious differences have always been a popular bickering topic; one that is heightened now  that they're raising a little girl together.

There are the usual jabs at it as a "mythology" and likening Jesus to Superman, and Booth tries his best to appeal to her rational side. In the end, it's a nice twist to allow her new intern Rodolfo to bring perspective and allow each party to retain their dignity and personal beliefs. Brennan's speech about what her relationship with Booth means to her and why she's changed her views on monogamy is quite touching too.

Overall, a fun way to kick off the work-week.


Bones returns next Monday with "The Carrot in the Kudzu" @8pm on Fox.

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