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[This is a review for Bones season 9, episode 15. It contains SPOILERS.]


Jumping into this week's episode of Bones, “The Heiress in the Hill,” Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Dashenal) are once again dealing with money issues; however, there's much more to this week's tale than a fictional financial squabble, as Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) is set up a to carry the episode by putting him and his family front and center.

It seems Bones has received a $75,000 advance on a new book of hers to be published in the future, and Booth is overtaken by the fact that she has no real vested interest in cashing the check immediately. Money does not seem to be a priority for Bones as she just signs the check over to Booth to take to the bank. Booth attempts to put things into perspective by relating that this is more than he makes in a year. He seems to value this fact more than any other thought that Bones puts his way.

But this isn't really a Brennan/Booth episode; it's a Hodgins one.


This week's episode focuses on money and how people handle it, what they think of it and what they intend to with it after they have it. Hodgins finds out from a Dr. Lawerence Razran (Robert Picardo) that he has a brother Jeffrey (Jonno Roberts), whom he has never met. Hodgins doesn't believe the good Doctor because he was an only child. It seems his brother has severe emotional/mental health issues and needs private care. Apparently, the funds to look after Jeffrey are running low and they're looking to Hodgins to foot the bill, which forces him to once again reconnect with a wealth he's never really been comfortable with.

Hodgins goes to visit his brother at his care facility and to make a connection with him. What starts out well quickly sours, and a subtle misunderstanding pushes Hodgins even further from his long-lost sibling. Even so, Hodgins is still adamant about building a relationship, and as a result, his character is allowed to fully flex the wonderful range that has been established in previous episodes (even if it is rarely used to its fullest) in order to make that occur - but not before some earnest soul searching.


Elsewhere, Bones, Booth and Sweets continue to search for answers in their similarly-themed case of family and financials, leading to Booth once again questioning the large sums of money Bones continues to give him to deposit. As with most Bones episodes, the male/female dynamic is flipped on its head, and real life relationship issues, like finances, are handled realistically and include familiar power struggles that can ensue from these qualms.

Hodgins' quest for a familial bond ultimately finds him in search of his brother, who has seemingly run away from his care facility because of another misunderstanding. Alone and asleep on the ground, Jefferey is comforted by his brother and, after an emotional conversation, realizes that Hodgins really is an earnest soul who wants to help him in any way he can, with no strings attached.

What do we think of money and the decisions that go with using it? Though we might have the need for money, are we listening to our hearts or our desires? For Hodgins, he chose to see through the static and reach out in love.


Bones returns Friday, March 10th, 2014 @8pm on Fox.

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